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The Salt Science Research Foundation ( SSRF ) was founded in March, 1988 under the support of 22 organizations in Japan. The main purpose of the foundation of SSRF is to accelerate the research and development of salt by assisting economically and offering technological information.

Salt is not only a vital necessity for human life, but a very important raw material for many kinds of industries. Japan is not blessed with natural salt resource as rock salt, and also with the climate suitable for solar salt-making from sea water. The self-sustenance of salt in Japan, therefore, has been hard and has been realized by steady research and development of salt-making technology, for example the Irihama type salt-field technology and the ion-exchange membrane technology. The output of the salt industry in Japan is about 1.3 million tons per year which covers the demands for the food industries and several other industries except the chemical industries in Japan .

The technological subject on salt-making hereafter is to develop "a new process" for salt-making, both in the concentration process of sea water and in the crystallization process of salt, and some "utilization processes" of sea water resources in the salt-making processes. As salt is one of the fundamental inorganic chemical species, the development of the processes mentioned above will be applicable to improve the concentration and crystallization processes of various chemical species. Consequently, this activity of SSRF will contribute to the development of various chemical industries besides the salt-making industry. Development of utilization processes will, of course, contribute to the general approaches to utilize sea water resources directly.

On the other hand, the social concern on the effect of the intake of salt to health has become greater recently. The physiological and food scientific research is required to answer the concern.

This research should be carried out and be reported on the impartial stand-point because of the potential social effects. The public situation of SSRF is suitable to promote the research. Therefore, the activity of SSRF will contribute in answering the social concerns. The assisting research activity will be achieved by offering for public subscription of research themes. If necessary, a project-team will be organized for an especially important theme. SSRF intends both to accelerate the fundamental research other than that of a short-term target and to encourage young researchers in this activity.

The information activity will be achieved by collecting, analyzing and offering information. Various "databases" in the world will be fully utilized. Information is offered not only to researchers, but related organizations by a monthly journal. It will be desirable for SSRF to communicate with the information receptors intimately in order to accomplish this activity substantially.

The Research Operation Committee of SSRF which consists of authorities in various research fields will lead in the correct direction.


March 30, 1988
Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
5,003.5 million yen


1. Assistance and consignment of research relating to salt ( e.g. salt-making technology, physiological and food scientific of salt )

2. Offer of information and the analytical results relating to salt

3. Host of lecture meetings and symposiums on salt and cooperation with related Associations and Institutes

Assistance of research

1. Public Application

Application for the next financial year is accepted from November 1st to December 10th of every year from every researcher in Japan.

2. Research Operation Committee

Over 10 authorities of various research fields decide guidelines, select themes and evaluate the results of the assistance to the research.

3. The Salt Science Research Foundation Annual Research Report

SSRF publishes the annual research report consisting all results of the granted research every March 31st. To see English summary of the result, click the following year.

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List of bibliography recieved from granted researchers

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"Salt Science Information" (Monthly) Journal for the quick announcement of technological information on salt

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