Grants list for fisical 2020

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
2001 Pollution by Microplastics in Coastal Areas around Kyushu Region Tetsuro Agusa Prefectual University of Kumamoto
2002 De-Emulsification of Solution of Salt Water and Crude Oil - New Method of Interfacial Modification by Microwave Yusuke Asakuma University of Hyogo, Graduate School of Engineering
2003 Development of Crystallization Operation for Obtaining Desired Crystalline Particles Based on Salting-Out Phenomenon Shuntaro Amari Tokyo University of Aguriculture and Technology
2004 Development of Automated Flow System for Rapid Solid-Phase Extraction of Trace Elements Shigehiro Kagaya University of Toyama
2005 Production of Carbonates from K Ion Removed Bittern by Ultrasonic Cavitation Strategy and Application for Phosphor Material Shinnosuke Kamei Nihon University
2006 Fabrication of Salt-Friendly, Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Alloys Tatsuya Kikuchi Hokkaido University
2007 Membrane Distillation of Carbonized Fiber Membrane for Seawater Desalination Ryutaro Kiyono Shinshu University
2008 Carbon Budget in Seagrass and Seaweed Meadows Atsushi Kubo Shizuoka University
2009 Recognition Properties of Cyclic Anion Receptor Bearing Two Phosphorus Trimaides Shinichi Kondo Yamagata University
2010 Development of Hydrophilic Semi-Permeable Membranes Used for Pressure Retarded Osmosis Power Generation by a Radiation Shinichi Sawada National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology
2011 Plugging Nanoscale Inperfections in the Polyamide Active layer of Thin-Film Composite Reverse Osmosis Membrane to Inhibit Advective Solution Transport Tasuma Suzuki Yamaguchi University
2012 Development of High-Speed Ion Exchange Reaction Field Using Swelling Phenomenon in Clay Interlayer - For Practicable Separation Method of Rare Earth Elements from Deep-Sea Mud - Yuu Tachibana Nagaoka University of Technology
2013 Isolation and Characterization of Marine Chemolithoautotrophic Bacteria from a Sand Filter for Pretreatment of a Salt Production Process Satoshi Tsuneda Waseda University
2014 Development of Multiple Metal-Silicate Hollow Particles Using a Selective Extraction Method of Bittern Component Eiichi Toorisaka Yamaguchi University
2015 Element Specific Observation of Hydration Structures in Aqueous Salt Solutions by Soft X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Masanari Nagasaka Institute for Molecular Science, National Institutes of Natural Sciences
2016 Microplastics in Commercial Salts Collected from Japan and its Risk Evaluation in Human Haruhiko Nakata Kumamoto University
2017 Development of a High-Speed Computational Chemistry Approach to Screening Reverse Osmosis Membrane Materials Ryo Nagumo Nagoya Institute of Technology
2018 Development of Valence-Selective Separation Process Using Charged Mosaic Membrane Mitsuru Higa Yamaguchi University
2019 Extremely Sensitive Cation/Anion Sensing Based on Extreme Emission Fluorescent Dye Liquid Nanoemulsion Hideaki Hisamoto Osaka Prefecture University
2020 Simple and Accurate Method for the Determination of Fluoride in Salts Keiichi Fukushi Kobe University
2021 Screening of Environmental Pollutants Chemicals in Coastal Area Using Bioassay Yoshifumi Horie Akita Prefectual University
2022 Effects of Impurity Atomic Ions on Salt Nanocrystal Structures Fuminori Misaizu Tohoku University
2023 High Anti-Corrosive Self-Healing Coatings for Carbon Steel Using Nanofibers Akihiro Yabuki Hiroshima University
2024 Preparation of Flame Retardant Powder Including Boron from Bittern for Boron Utilization Takaaki Wajima Chiba University
2025 Mechanism of Salt-Sensitive Hypertension in Low-Birth Weight Babies Yuiichiro Arima Kumamoto University
2026 The Effects of Salt Intake in the Induction of Influenza Virus-Specific Adaptive Immune Responses Takushi Ichinohe The University of Tokyo
2027 Effect of Salt Intake on Satiety and its Mechanism Yusaku Iwasaki Kyoto Prefectural University
2028 Anti-Allergic Effects of Food Constituents Itsuro Kazama Miyagi University
2029 Quantitative Analysis of the Effect of Renal Denervation on Baroreflex-Mediated Pressure Diuresis and Natriuresis in Hypertensive Rats Toru Kawada National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
2030 Possible Mechanism of WNK Signal Activation by PHD Inhibitor/Hypoxia Eisei Sohara Tokyo Medical and Dental University
2031 The Role of PKG in Salt Sensitivity and the Excitatory Synapse through Activation in Sympathetic Nervous System Taishi Nakamura Kumamoto University Hospital
2032 Effects of High Salt and Fat Diets on Circadian Behavior and Physiology Takahiro Nakamura Meiji University
2033 Chloride Ion Contribution to Leukocyte Activation and Organ Inflammation Hiroshi Nishi The University of Tokyo
2034 Influence of Brain Sodium Concentration for the Washout of Waste Products from Brain and Onset of Frail Yuu Hasegawa International University of Health and Welfare
2035 Neural Basis of Salt Preference and Salt Overdose/Desalinationy Takatoshi Hikida Osaka University
2036 Collapse of Extracellular Potassium Ion Extruction Mechanisms upon Epilepsy Kou Matsui Tohoku University
2037 Central Mechanisms for the Integration of Na+ and AngII Signals in Blood Pressure Elevation by High-Salt Ingestion Takashi Matsuda Tokyo Institute of Technology
2038 Pain Control through Modulation of the Regulatory Mechanism of Purinergic Chemical Transmission by Manipulating Cl- Balance Takaaki Miyaji Okayama University
2039 Structural and Biophysical Analysis of Sweet and Unami Taste Receptor Regulation by Chloride Ion Atsuko Yamashita Okayama University
2040 Integration and Systematization of Clinical Evidence for Salt Intake by Utilizing Artificial Intelligence Tomohida Yamada The University of Tokyo
2041 Relationship between Homeostasis of Intracellular Magnesium Ion and Cell Senescence Ryu Yamanaka Sanyo-Onoda City University
2042 Fundamental Study on the Evaluation of Water Structure in Salt Solutions by Spectroscopic Method Daitaro Ishikawa Fukushima University
2043 Molecular and Neural Mechanisms of Salt Chemotaxis Learning Hirofumi Kunitomo The University of Tokyo
2044 Metabolic Analysis of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Different Salinity Takaaki Shimohata Tokushima University
2045 Effect of Sodium Chloride on the Pressure Resistance of Staphylococcus aureus Satomi Tsutsuura Niigata University
2046 Participation of Salivary Proteins on Salt Taste Detection Masataka Narukawa Kyoto Women's University
2047 Effect of Salt Addition on the Inhibition of Ice Crystal Recrystallization on Antifreeze Protein Tomoaki Hagiwara Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
2048 Effect of Salt-Water Treatment on Black-Spot Formation of Shrimp Taro Masuda Setsunan University
2049 Non-Invasive Method for Evaluating Sensitivity to Sodium by Using Mouse Diabetic Kidney Model - Interaction with a Low-Protein Diet Noriyuki Yanaka Hiroshima University
2050 Structure and Property of Electrolyte Food Polysaccharide in Aqueous Solution with High Concentration of Salt Yoshiaki Yuguchi Osaka Electro-Communication University