Grants list for fisical 2009

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
0901 Study on Ultra-Filtration Performance of Simulated Seawater Containing Organic Compounds and Suspended Particles Kazuki Akamatsu University of Tokyo
0902 Functional Mechanisms of Anti-Caking Agents for NaCl Hitoshi Shindo Chuo University
0903 Development of Novel Reverse Osmosis Membrane with High Chlorine Resistance for Seawater Desalination Hideto Matsuyama Kobe University
0904 Development of a Pre-Treatment Method for High Performance Waste Water Treatment using NaCl Takamasa Mori Nagoya University
0905 Functional Analysis of an Auxin-Inducible Transcription Factor to Salinity Responses in Plants Kenji Oda Research Institute for Biological Sciences
0906 Isolation of Marine Microorganisms from Deep Sea of Suruga Bay Shinya Kodani Shizuoka University
0907 Molecular Mechanism of the High-Osmolarity Responsive MAPK Pathway That Is Involved in Salt- and Osmo-Tolerance in Yeast Kazuo Tatebayashi University of Tokyo
0908 A New Strategy for the Treatment of Salt Sensitive Hypertension: Targeting for Normalization of Autophagy in the Renal Tubular Cells by an Antiaging Protein, SIRT1 Takashi Uzu Shiga University of Medical Science
0909 Roles of Tight Junction in Na+ Homeostasis and Glucose Absorption in the Small Intestine Yuichi Suzuki University of Shizuoka
0910 Expression of Prorenin Receptor and Central Mechanism of Salt Metabolism Kazuhiro Takahashi Tohoku University
0911 Investigation of Pathophysiological Role of Novel Interacting Molecule with Angiotensin II Receptor in Salt Sensitive Hypertension Kouichi Tamura Yokohama City University
0912 Cardiac Hypertrophic Signaling Mediated by the Interaction between Na+/H+ Exchanger and the Neuronal Ca2+ Sensor NCS-1 Tomoe Nishitani National Cardiovascular Center
0913 Proteomic Analysis of Bovine Skeletal Muscle: Changes in Soluble Proteins with Minerals during Storage Shin-ichi Ishikawa Miyagi University
0914 Contribution of Dietary Zinc to the Function of Intestinal Epithelia and Mucosal Immune System Satoshi Ishizuka Hokkaido University
0915 Generation and Behavioral Analysis of Knockout Mice for Multiple TRP Ion Channels Yoshiro Ishimaru University of Tokyo
0916 Transcriptional Regulation of the Genes Related to Lipid Metabolism through Amino Acid Uptake Mediated by the Na+- Dependent Glutamine Transporter Jun Inoue University of Tokyo
0917 Identification of Salt-Responsive Taste Receptor Cells and Analysis of Their Functions Makoto Ohmoto University of Tokyo
0918 Changes in Volatile Compounds of Mineral Added Food during Storage Sachiko Odake Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
0919 Dynamics and Rapid Detection Method of Vibrio parahaemolyticus, a Halophilic Food Poisoning Bacterium, in Salted Cuttlefish Yoshitsugu Nakaguchi Kyoto University
0920 Dual Mode Sorption and Diffusion of NaCl in Protein Foodstuffs Hiroko Hashiba Tokyo Seiei College
0921 Construction of Assay System for Salt Preference and Analyses of Regulatory Mechanism of Salt Homeostasis in Model Fish Species Akihito Yasuoka Maebashi Institute of Technology