Grants list for fisical 1994

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
9401 Physiological Studies on the Salinity-Dependent Growth of the Red-Tide Flagellate Heterosigma akashiwo Tomoyoshi Ikawa University of Tsukuba
9402 Studies on Ion Exchange Membranes Having Permselectivity for Specific Ions (in Connection with Membrane Structure) Toshikatsu Sata Yamaguchi University
9403 Concentration of Inorganic Ions through Ion Exchange Membranes by Active Transport Tadashi Uragami Kansai University
9404 Solubility Control of Inorganic Salts by the Cooperative Solvation of Polyethers Hiroyuki Ohno Tokyo University of Agrisulture and Technology
9405 Molecular Design of Potassium Specific Host for Highly Pure Salt Production Yoshiaki Kobuke Shizuoka University
9406 Growth and Agglomeration of Sodium Chloride Crystals in the Suspension of Fine Crystals Noriaki Kubota Iwate University
9407 Effects of Humidity on Surface Atomic Structures of Rock Salt Crystal Hitoshi Shindo Chuo University
9408 Automated Chemical Analysis System for Salts and Seawater: Simultaneous Determination of Micro Amounts of Magnesium and Calcium in Salts with FIA System Utilizing On-Line Cation-Exchange Separation and Spectrophotometric Detection Takeshi Yamane Yamanashi University
9409 Development of Highly Ion Organic Reagents and Their Application on Metal Ionseparation and Determination Hidefumi Sakamoto Nagoya Institute of Technology
9410 Utility of Surfactant Micelles for Preconcentration and Chemical Speciation of Metal-Involving Microcomponents in Salt Solution Koichi Saitoh Tohoku University
9411 Photochemical Control of Ionic Conduction and Sensing for Lithium Ion by Cation-Complexing Photochromic Compounds Keiichi Kimura Osaka University
9412 A Fundamental Study on an Acid-Base Production Process by Water-Splitting in Bipolar Membranes Manabu Seno Nihon University
9413 Development of Anionic Charged Membrane for Use in Selective Recovery of Trace Amounts of Heavy Metal Ions from Sea Water Takashi Hayashita Saga University
9414 Foundational Study on Selective Extraction of the Rare Metal from Seawater, Based on the Mechanism of Accumulation of High Levels of Vanadium by Ascidians Hitoshi Michibata Hiroshima University
9415 Lithium Isotope Separating Characteristics of Specific Lithium Adsorbents Takao Oi Sophia University
9416 Preparation of Metal Phosphates with High Surface Area and the Collection of Li from Sea Water using It Yusaku Takita Oita University
9417 Development of Recovery Process of Boron by Adsorption and Solvent Extraction Techniques Michiaki Matsumoto Doshisha University
9418 Seawater Desalination by Reverse Osmosis Utilizing the Static Pressure due to the Depth of the Sea Osamu Miyatake Kyushu University
9419 Analysis and Control of Salt and Water Behavior in Soil for Greening of Desert and Prevention of Salt Accumulation, and Energy Evaluation of Pure Water Production with Solar Energy Toshinori Kojima Seikei University
9420 Effects of Salts on the Conformation and Stability of Proteins Yuji Goto Osaka University
9421 Preparation of a Salt-Responsively Soluble-Insoluble Enzyme and Its Application to Hydrolysis of Biomass Masayuki Taniguchi Niigata University
9422 Transformation of Bioelements Loaded in River Water and Groundwater by Mixing with Sea Water Makito Kimura Nagoya University
9423 Environmental Study to Ameliorate Salt Affected Lands to Change Them into Agricultural Lands with Polder Systems Michihiro Hara Iwate University
9424 A Fundamental Study on Improvement Method for Agricultural Production Environment of Saline Soil Areas Makoto Anase Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
9425 Metabolic Studies Related to Salt Tolerance of Mangrove Plants Hirosi Ashihara Ochanomizu University
9426 Molecure Genetical Analysis of Mechanism of Salt Tolerance in Plants Hirokazu Kobayashi University of Shizuoka
9427 Gene Technology of Salt-Tolerant Plants Norio Murata National Institute for Basic Biology
9428 The Significance of the Daily Mineral Intake (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium) on the Genesis of Hypertension in Nepal Terukazu Kawasaki Kyushu University
9429 Role of Hypothalamic Renin-Angiotensin System on the Pathogenesis of Salt Sensitive Hypertension Manabu Yoshimura Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
9430 Sodium Excretion and the Disorder of Mesangial Cell Flunction - Mesangial Expansion Induced by in Vivo Gene Transfection of Renin and Angiotensinogen Yoshihiro Fujiwara Osaka University
9431 Interaction between Ca2+ Transport Regulation and Na+ Transport in Connecting Tubule Junichi Taniguchi Jichi Medical School
9432 Mechanosensitive Na and Ca Permeable Ion Channels in Renal Tubule Cells Cultured in a Glass Micropipette Katsumasa Kawahara Chiba University
9433 Analysis of Structure and Function of Water Channel Proteins Sei Sasaki Tokyo Medical and Dental University
9434 cDNA Cloning of Kidney Proximal Tubule Na+ Dependent Glutamate Transporters and the Appraisal of Their Roles in Na+ - Reabsorption Yoshikatsu Kanai Kyorin University
9435 Regulation of Salt Balance by Large Intestine Yuichi Suzuki University of Shizuoka
9436 Regulatory Mechanism by Salt of the Hyperplastic Vascular Disease Following Endothelial Removal Hiroshi Azuma Tokyo Medical and Dental University
9437 Long-Term Effects of Dietary Protein Intake on Renin-Angiotensin System and Sodium Balance Akira Hishida Hamamatsu University School of Medicine
9438 Physiological Relevance of Sodium-Magnesium Exchange Shinsuke Nakayama Nagoya University
9439 Effect of Extracellular Magnesium Ion on Intracellular Calcium Concentration and on Tension Development in Isolated Pig Coronary Arterial Strips Simako Abe Nakamura-Gakuen College
9440 Regulation of Intracellular Free Magnesium Concentration in Cardiac and Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Satosi Kurihara Jikei University School of Medicine
9441 a-Adrenergic Inhibition of the β-Adrenoceptor-Dependent Chloride Current in Guinea-Pig Ventricular Myocytes Tsuguhisa Ehara Saga Medical School
9442 Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Cytosolic Ions Measured with Optical Methods in Isolated Cells of Salivary and Other Secretory Glands of the Rat Yoshiaki Habara National Institute for Basic Biology
9443 Role of GTP-Binding Protein on Salt Taste Transduction Mechanism Yukio Okada Nagasaki University
9444 Generation Mechanisms of Mouse Taste Cell Responses to Salts Kiyotetu Yosii Kyushu Institute of Technology
9445 Analysis of Salt Taste Responses in Rat Cortical Neurons by an Artificial Neural Network Model Takatoshi Nagai Teikyo University
9446 Solution Thermodynamical Analysis of the Interaction between Salts and Food Components Osato Miyawaki University of Tokyo
9447 Effect of Salt on Structure and Function of Egg Yolk Antibody Makoto Simizu University of Tokyo
9448 Mechanism of the Antioxidant Effect of NaCl on the Lipid Peroxidation Toshiyuki Toyosaki Koran Women's Junior College
9449 Physico-Chemical Properities of Salted Meat by Fiber Optics Optical Characteristics in Brightness and Rheological Properties of Heated Carp Meat Hiroo Ogawa Tokyo University of Fisheries
9450 Roles of Salts in Process and Fermentation of a Ghanaian Fish Product . MOMONI Toshiaki Ohshima Tokyo University of Fisheries
9451 Means of Retarding Development of Fishy Flavor and Inhibiting Lipoxygenase Activity by Microorganisms in the Presence of Salt Yukihiro Ishikawa Tottori University
9452 Control of Glass Transition Temperature of Food by Salt and the Study of Optimum Storage Condition of Fisheries Products Masanobu Ishikawa Tokyo University of Fisheries
9453 Change in Halophilic and Halotolerant Microbial Flora during Fermentation of Squid Shiokara Tateo Fujii Tokyo University of Fisheries
9454 On Halophilic Non-Sporeforming Anaerobic Gram Negative Rods in Sea Fish and Shellfishes Toyoko Kobayashi Tokai Gakuen Women's College