Grants list for fisical 1992

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
9201 Fiber-Optic Chemical Sensor for Alkali Metal Ion using Calixarene as Lonophore Yuji Kawabata Kyushu University
9202 High Pressure Synthesis of Metal Ion-Sensing Molecules Hiroshi Tsukube Okayama University
9203 Development of Sodium Ion Sensor Based on NASICON Ceramic Membrane Kenji Yokoyama University of Tokyo
9204 Preparation of High-Performance Ion-Exchange Membranes by Radiation-Induced Graft Polymerization Kyoichi Saito University of Tokyo
9205 The Dependence of Thermal and Concentration Membrane Potentials on the External Salt Concentration Masayasu Tasaka Shinshu University
9206 Behavior of Ions and Water in Weak Amphoteric Polymer Membranes Akihiko Tanioka Tokyo Institute of Technology
9207 Growth Behavior and Kinetics of Single and Polycrystals of Sodium Chloride Masakuni Matsuoka Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
9208 Detection of Imperfections in NaCl Crystals using Blue Coloration with Electron-Irradiation Toshio Ikeda Iwate University
9209 A Basic Study on Concentration of Sea Water Driven by Pressure Difference Akira Yamauchi Kyushu University
9210 Membrane Distillation Process with Laminating Membranes of Positive and Negative Charges for Evaporation of Concentrated Salt Solutions Masao Sudoh Shizuoka University
9211 New Separation Methods of Mosaic Membrane Systems Manabu Igawa Kanagawa University
9212 Desalination of Seawater using the Reverse Osmosis Method by Utilizing the Static Pressure due to the Depth of the Sea Osamu Miyatake Kyushu University
9213 A Study on Establishment of Designing and Screening Method of Corrosion Resistant Paint and Lining for Sea Water Ken Tsuda Tokyo Institute of Technology
9214 Prediction of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Chloride Solution Koji Yamakawa University of Osaka Prefecture
9215 Ion-Exchange Properties of Metal Phosphates and Its Application for Recovery of Lithium from Seawater Yusaku Takita Oita University
9216 Preparation of High Efficient Adsorbents and Design of Adsorption Bed for Recovery of Uranium from Seawater Shigeharu Morooka Kyushu University
9217 Foundational Study on Selective Extraction of Rare Metal from Seawater, Based on the Mechanism of Accumulation of High Levels of Vanadium by Ascidians Hitoshi Michibata Hiroshima University
9218 Specific Binding of Metal Ions by Self-Organized Hosts Yoshiaki Kobuke Shizuoka University
9219 Mechanistic Study on Carbon Fixation Rate and Global Environment Remediation by Oceanic Calcareous Algae Shintaro Furusaki University of Tokyo
9220 Basic Studies on the System for Decreasing Atmospheric CO2 by Means of Calcareous and halophilic Algae and Analysis of the Properties of Halotolerant Carbonic Anhydrase Yoshihiro Shiraiwa Niigata University
9221 Proposal of Comprehensive Sea Water Utilization and Its Evaluation for Countermeasures against the Global Warming Korekazu Ueyama Osaka University
9222 Analysis of Sea Water Yoshifumi Akama Meisei University
9223 Studies on Separation and Determination of Metal Ions using Crown Compounds Hidefumi Sakamoto Nagoya Institute of Technology
9224 Plant Growth as Affected by Fresh, Brackish and Sea Water Toyoki Kozai Chiba University
9225 Effects of Salinity on Biological Metabolism in Brackish Water Ecosystem Yasuo Takai Tokyo University of Agriculture
9226 Physiological Studies of Acidophilic and Salt Tolerant Green Alga, Its Growth Characteristics and Metal Tolerance Noriko Tominaga Ochanomizu University
9227 The Effect of Salt from the Ocean on the Growth of Trees Kazumi Fukazawa Hokkaido University
9228 Salinity Tolerance Mechanisms in Marine Plants and Genetic Engineering of the Salinity-Tolerance Genes Takeshi Nitta Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
9229 How Dunaliella sp. Can Survive the High Salt Lake of Antarctica? Tomohiko Watanuki Kanagawa Prefectural Public Health Laboratories
9230 Signal-Receptive, Permeability-Controllable Capsule Membranes, Polymer-Grafted Capsule Membranes Yoshio Okahata Tokyo Institute of Technology
9231 Preparation of a Salt-Responsively Soluble-Insoluble Enzyme and Its Application to Hydrolysis of Biomass Masayuki Taniguchi Niigata University
9232 Teleost Growth Hormones and Prolactins Which Regulate Osmotic Pressure in Fish: Their Structures, Receptors and Signal Transductions Kunio Nakashima Mie University
9233 Desalination in the Esophagus of the Seawater Eel Masaaki Ando Hiroshima University
9234 Cloning and Expression of Apical Membrane Water Channel of Rat Kidney Collecting Tubule Sei Sasaki Tokyo Medical and Dental University
9235 Comparative Epidemiological Studies on the Genesis of Hypertension in Mountain People Habitually taking Tibetan Tea and Buckwheat in Nepal Terukazu Kawasaki Kyushu University
9236 The Research about Mesangial Cell Function Abnormality Which may be Involved in the Development of Hypertension through Decreased Salt Excretion Yoshihiro Fujiwara Osaka University
9237 Mechanism of Action of Hormones and Drugs on NaCl Transport across Renal Tubules Masashi Imai Jichi Medical School
9238 Increased Na Concentration in CSF Important for Maintaining Arterial Blood Pressure in Dehydrated Rats Hiroshi Nose Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
9239 Development of Sodium-Imaging in Living Body using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Its Application to Analysis of Pathophysiology Tsunehiko Nishimura Osaka University
9240 Role of a Novel Vasopression Receptor, Vp in Intrarenal Sodium Transport and Its Pathophysiological Significance Hitoshi Endou University of Tokyo
9241 Natriuretic Peptide Family Physiological Significance and Clinical Implication Kazuwa Nakao Kyoto University
9242 Properties and Regulation of Cardiac Chloride Channel Tsuguhisa Ehara Saga Medical School
9243 Role of Sodium Ion Exchange in Plasma Membrane in Cardiac Hypertrophy Takenobu Kamada Osaka University
9244 Antiarrhythmic Efficacy of Magnesium in Single Ventricular Myocytes Masahiro Aomine Nakamura-Gakuen University
9245 Provocation of Sudden Death in Animals Related to Metabolic Abnormalities of Magnesium and Potassium Motoomi Nakamura Nakamura-Gakuen University
9246 Studies on the Divalent Cation-Controlled Catecholamine Secretion in Adrenal Medullary Cells Akira Warashina Niigata University
9247 Trace Elements in the Breath and Morbid State Yasuaki Arakawa University of Shizuoka
9248 The Cardiac-Renal-Neural Reflex Plays a Major Role in Natriuresis Induced by Left Atrial Distension in Conscious Dogs Kenju Miki University of Occupational and Environmental Health
9249 The Effect ofSodium Ion on the Gene Expression of Biochemical Messengers in the Central Nervous System Mitsuhiro Kawata Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
9250 Effect of Oral Afferent Signals in Association with Salt Ingestion on Renal Function Tomio Shingai Niigata University
9251 Electrophysiological Study on Pharyngolaryngeal Mechanisms for Vasopressin Release Takao Akaishi Niigata University
9252 Cortical Representations of Taste - Positron Emission Tomography Studies - Hiroshi Fukuda Tohoku University
9253 Receptor Mechanisms of Mouse Taste Receptor Cells to Various Salts Kiyonori Yoshii Kyushu Institute of Technology
9254 Physiological Mechanisms of Formation of Taste Quality and Taste Hedonics of NaCl Behavioral, Histochemical and Electrophysiological Studies Takashi Yamamoto Osaka University
9255 Salt Intake, Nutrition and Health Status on Tongan Adolescence in the Process of Urbanization Taeko Ouchi Kanagawa Prefectural Junior College of Nutrition
9256 Mechanism of Coloring Food with Natural Pigments by using Salts Kumi Yoshida Sugiyama Jogakuen University
9257 Effect of Sodium Chloride on the Appearance of Food Characterization of Protein-Saponin-Fiber as Oil-Substituted Materials Kenji Watanabe Gifu University
9258 Effects of Salts on the Sweetness of Thaumatin Naofumi Kitabatake Kyoto University
9259 Studies on n-Butanol Denaturation of Fish Muscle Proteins and Their Desalting-Aggregation Takeshi Taguchi Tokyo University of Fisheries
9260 The Degradation of Myosin in Meat by Boiling and the Effect of Salt on It Mariko Tajima Kagoshima University
9261 The Diffusion of Sodium Chloride in Foods Sachiko Odake Yamanashi Women's Junior College
9262 Effects of Electrical Stimulation on the Salt Permeation and Processing Meat Quality of Beef Hiroyuki Miura Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veteinary Medicine
9263 The Changes of Physico-Chemical Properties of Salted-Meat during Salting Process Naomichi Iso Tokyo University of Fisheries
9264 Effects of Various Salts on Flavor and Texture Quality of Fish Meats Morihiko Sakaguchi Kyoto University