Grants list for fisical 2011

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
1101 Utilization of the High Concentration Seawater -Development of the Low Energy Electrolysis Magnesium Technique- Susumu Ikeda Saga University
1102 Demonstration Tests of the Potential Noise Sensor for Field Use for Monitoring Stress Corrosion Cracking in Simulated Salt-Manufacturing Environments Hiroyuki Inoue Osaka Prefecture University
1103 Synthesis and Properties of Advanced Lithium Ion Adsorbent Fumihiko Ohashi National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
1104 Evaluation and Applications of Highly Chloride-Selective Cyclic Amide Compounds Shin-ichi Kondo Yamagata University
1105 Bioremediation of Environmental Pollutions by Glycosylation with Immobilized Marine Microalga Kei Shimoda Oita University
1106 Application of a Micro Channel Device to Enrichment of Dilute Inorganic Ions Ken-Ichiro Sotowa University of Tokushima
1107 The Development of High Efficiency Production Method with Modulated Operation Including Dissolution in Salt Crystallization Hiroshi Takiyama Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
1108 Development of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Membranes for Seawater Desalination Toshinori Tsuru Hiroshima University
1109 Corrosion Protection of Metal Surface by Cationic Species Masashi Nakamura Chiba University
1110 Examination of Fouling Mechanism on Ion-Exchange Membranes and Development of Ion-Exchange Membranes with High Anti-Fouling Properties Mitsuru Higa Yamaguchi University
1111 Usefulness of Supernatant Solutions of Jellyfish for Cultivation of Ice Plant: Determination of Organic Acids in Ice-Plant Using Capillary Zone Electrohoresis Keiichi Fukushi Kobe University
1112 Highly-Sensitive Spectroscopic Analysis Using Sodium Chloride and Related Salts Masayuki Futamata Saitama University
1113 Selective Separation of Potassium Ion in Seawater by Crown Ether Derivatives Masahiro Muraoka Osaka Institute of Technology
1114 Development of Conversion and Storage Methods of Hydrogen Energy into Formic Acid Using Sub- and Supercritical Aqueous Solution of Sodium Chloride Ken Yoshida University of Tokushima
1115 The Prevention of “Tail Biting” by Sodium Chloride Supply in Pigs –The Optimal Supplying Ways and Its Physiological Mechanisms – Masato Aoyama Utsunomiya University
1116 Isolation and Characterization of DREB Gene Homolog towards the Improvement of Salt Tolerance in Lettuce Yuichi Uno Kobe University
1117 Isolation of Marine Actinomycetes Producing Bioactive Compounds and Effect of Sea Water on the Production Shigeru Kitani Osaka University
1118 Studies of Salt Concentration Dependent Compounds Produced by Endophytes of Salt-Tolerant Plants Yoshihito Shiono Yamagata University
1119 Analysis of an Osmo-Sensing System That is Involved in Salt- and Osmo-Tolerance in Yeast Kazuo Tatebayashi University of Tokyo
1120 Molecular Mechanisms Underlay the Enhancement of APS Reductase Expression and Sulfur Assimilation by Salt –Toward the Generation of Salt Tolerant Plants by Improving Sulfur Assimilation Capacity of Plants – Akiko Maruyama-Nakashita Kyushu University
1121 Oxidation of Ion Channels by Salt Stress and Improvement of Salt Tolerance by Suppressing Their Oxidation Yoshiyuki Murata Okayama University
1122 Analysis of Ion Transporters in Cancer Stem Cells Eishi Ashihara Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
1123 The Interaction between the Gain of Water Drink-Induced Pressor Response and the Incidence of Aarrhythmia in Dahl Salt-Sensitive Rats Chikara Abe Gifu University
1124 Elucidation of Mechanism of Abnormal Magnesium Reabsorption in Salt-Sensitive Hypertension Akira Ikari University of Shizuoka
1125 Fundamental Research of WNK-NKCC1 Signaling Activity in Pregnant Mice Koichi Inoue Hamamatsu University School of Medicine
1126 The Role of CD13 in Alpha Klotho-Dependent Mineral Metabolism Akihiro Imura Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation
1127 Novel Regulation of Sodium and Body Fluid Balance in Oxytocin-mRFP Transgenic Rats Yoichi Ueta University of Occupational and Environmental Health
1128 Basic Study for Investigating Novel Regulatory Effects of BMP-6 on Salt-Sensitive Hypertension Fumio Otsuka Okayama University
1129 Phenotype of Knockout of Kidney-Specific Prostaglandin Transporter OAT-PG and Salt-Responsive Blood Pressure Changes Yoshikatsu Kanai Osaka University
1130 Molecular Mechanism for Targeting of Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger to Basolateral Membrane in Renal Epithelial Cells and Its Pathophysiological Significance Satomi Kita Fukuoka University
1131 Analysis of Aldosterone-ENaC Pathway in Lungfish: Evolutionary Insight to the Conquest of Land of Vertebrates Norifumi Konno University of Toyama
1132 Elucidation of Exercise-established Mechanism on Salt Intake in SPORTS Rats:Crosstalk of Salt and Metabolism-Related Signal Molecules in Locomotor Activity Hiroshi Sakaue University of Tokushima
1133 Examination of ‘Salt Memory’ in the Development of Hypertension and Its Molecular Mechanisms Hiroyuki Sasamura Keio University
1134 Investigation of Pathophysiological Role of Novel Interacting Molecule with Angiotensin II Receptor in Salt Sensitive Hypertension Kouichi Tamura Yokohama City University
1135 The Role of Iron in Salt Sensitive Hypertension Yoshiro Naito Hyogo College of Medicine
1136 Relationship between Heat Failure Caused by Sympathetic Activation through Acquisition of Salt Sensitivity and Depression via Brain Sigma Receptors Yoshitaka Hirooka Kyuhsu University
1137 Osmotic Control and Vascular-Glial Unit Formation in the Circumventricular Organs Seiji Miyata Kyoto Institute of Technology
1138 Regulation of Sodium Dependent Phosphate Cotransporters by Klotho, an Antiaging Factor Control of Renal Phosphate Reabsorption Ken-Ichi Miyamoto University of Tokushima
1139 Identification of Cl- Activated Uric Acid Transporter as a Risk Factor for Gout Yoshinori Moriyama Okayama University
1140 Effects of Dietary Magnesium Deficiency in the Mice with Special Reference to Flow Cytometry Examination Takako Ikeda Showa Women's University
1141 Development of Novel Seasoning Salt Enhanced in Saltiness by Natural Materials Kyoko Ishikawa Akita Prefectural University
1142 Study on Novel Vasorelaxing Peptide Derived from Food Proteins and Its Physiological Functions Ohinata Kousaku Kyoto University
1143 Evaluation of Salts and Salt Substitutes Using Evaluation Methods for Salty Taste with Palatability Yuko Kusakabe National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
1144 Chrono-Nutrition Study on Salt Intake and Excretion in Mouse Shigenobu Shibata Waseda University
1145 Effect of NaCl on the Myrosinase Activity, and Their Application in Salted Cruciferous Vegetable Susumu Tanaka Takasaki University of Health & Welfare
1146 Effects of NaCl on Dough Fermentation Toshiyuki Toyosaki Koran Women’s Junior College
1147 Basic Study for Metabolisms of Bittern and Biometal in the Heart Makoto Hiromura RIKEN