Grants list for fisical 1993

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
9301 Studies on Ion Exchange Membranes Having Permselectivity for Specific Ions (In Connection with Membrane Structure) Toshikatsu Sata Yamaguchi University
9302 Design of High-Performance Ion-Exchange Membranes by Optimization of Radiation-Induced Graft Polymerization Kyoichi Saito Chiba University
9303 A Basic Study on Concentration of Sea Water Driven by Pressure Difference (3) Akira Yamauchi Kyushu University
9304 Membrane Distillation Process with Laminating Membranes of Positive and Negative Charges for Evaporation of Concentrated Salt Solutions Masao Sudoh Shizuoka University
9305 In-situ Observation of a Growing Crystal of Sodium Chloride in the Presence of Small Crystals in Suspension Noriaki Kubota Iwate University
9306 Effects of Humidity on Surface Atomic Structures of Rock Salt Crystal Hitoshi Shindo Chuo University
9307 Decoration of NaCl Crystals using Blue Coloration with Electron Irradiation Toshio Ikeda Iwate University
9308 A Study on Establishment of Designing Method of Corrosion Resistant Paint System for Sea Water Ken Tsuda Tokyo Institute of Technology
9309 Automated Chemical Analysis System for Salts and Seawater: Simultaneous Determination of Micro Amounts of Magnesium and Calcium in Salts with FIA System Utilizing On-Line Cation-Exchange Separation and Spectrophotometric Detection Takeshi Yamane Yamanashi University
9310 Development of Calcium Ion Sensor using NASICON Ceramic Membrane Isao Karube University of Tokyo
9311 Studies on K+ Selective Sensor by Use of Self-Organization Hosts Yoshiaki Kobuke Shizuoka University
9312 Computer-Aided Design and High Pressure Synthesis of Metal Ion-Sensing Molecules Hiroshi Tsukube Okayama University
9313 Seawater Desalination by Reverse Osmosis utilizing the Static Pressure due to the Depth of the Sea Osamu Miyatake Kyushu University
9314 Lithium Isotope Separating Characteristics of Specific Lithium Adsorbents Takao Oi Sophia University
9315 Foundational Study on Selective Extraction of the Rare Metal from Seawater, Based on the Mechanism of Accumulation of High Levels of Vanadium by Ascidians Hitoshi Michibata Hiroshima University
9316 A Study on Inorganic-Organic Composite Host Materials for Recovery of Metal Ions Masato Machida Miyazaki University
9317 Development of Anionic Charged Membrane for Use in Selective Recovery of Trace Amounts of Heavy Metal Ions from Sea Water Takashi Hayashita Saga University
9318 Selective Separation of Rare-Earth Elements from Their EDTA Complex by Use of Electrodialysis Accompanied with Metal-Substitution Reactions of Different Rates Hiroshi Takahashi Akita University
9319 Effect of Rare Earth Elements on the Production of Calcium Carbonate Crystal Tasuku Akagi Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
9320 Proposal of Comprehensive Sea Water Utilization and Its Evaluation for Countermeasures against the Global Warming - Oceanic Mixing Model Based on Global Simulation of Ocean Circulation Korekazu Ueyama Osaka University
9321 Mechanistic Study on Carbon Fixation Rate and Global Environment Remediation by Oceanic Calcareous Algae Shintaro Furusaki University of Tokyo
9322 Basic Studies on the System for Decreasing Atmospheric CO2 by Means of Calcareous and Halophiric Algae and Analysis of Properties of Halotolerant Carbonic Anhydrase Yoshihiro Shiraiwa Niigata University
9323 Physiological Studies of Acidophilic and Salt Tolerant Green AlgaⅡ. Its Growth Characteristics and Metal Tolerance Noriko Tominaga Ochanomizu University
9324 Applied Ecological Study on Salt-Tolerance of Some Halophyte Plants Takehisa Nakamura Tokyo University of Agriculture
9325 Molecular Genetical Analysis of Mechanisms of Salt Tolerance in Plants Hirokazu Kobayashi University of Shizuoka
9326 Plant Growth as Affected by Fresh, Brackish and Sea Water Toyoki Kozai Chiba University
9327 Studies on the Halotolerant Mechanism of the Halotolerant Bacterium Brevibacterium sp. Shinichi Nagata Kobe University of Mercantile Marine
9328 A Trial on the Isolation of Electric Pulse-Induced Escherichia coli coli Genes in the Presence of Na+ Takashi Ano Tokyo Institute of Technology
9329 Effect of Slats on the Structure and Function of Dehydrogenase Toshihisa Ohshima Kyoto University of Education
9330 Molecular Mechanism on the Remarkable Activation and Stabilization of Thermolysin in the Presence of High Concentration of Salts Kuniyo Inoue Kyoto University
9331 Preparation of a Salt-Responsively Soluble-Insoluble Enzyme and Its Application to Hydrolysis of Biomass Masayuki Taniguchi Niigata University
9332 T-cell Development, Activation and Membrane Potential Yasuo Ishida Japanese Foundation of AIDS Prevention
9333 The Role of Sodium Channel Protein for the Involvement of Cytological Features of Dissociated Neurons Mitsuhiro Kawata Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
9334 Analysis of Structure and Function of Water Channel Proteins Sei Sasaki Tokyo Medical and Dental University
9335 Sodium Excretion and the Disorder of Mesangial Cell Function --- Mesangial Expansion Induced by in Vivo Gene Transfection of Renin and Angiotensinogen Yoshihiro Fujiwara Osaka University
9336 Natriuretic Peptide Family - Physiological Significance and Clinical Implication Kazuwa Nakao Kyoto University
9337 Role of a Novel Vasopressin Receptor, Vp in Intrarenal Sodium Transport and Its Pathophysiological Significance Hitoshi Endo Kyorin University
9338 Central Nervous Mechanism for the Regulation of Body Fluid Balance by Salt Information Tomio Shingai Niigata University
9339 Regulation of NaCl Transport by Hormone and Drug in Renal Tubule Junichi Taniguchi Jichi Medical School
9340 The Role of Glomerular Filtration Rate on the Natriuretic Response to Acute Saline Intestine Hiromichi Kumagai University of Shizuoka
9341 Study on Humoral Factor and Intraluminal Circumstances Influencing Salt Absorption across the Intestine M.R.K.Chowdhury Kagawa Medical School
9342 Role of Sodium Ion Exchange in Plasma Membrane in Cardiac Hypertrophy in Vitro and in Vivo Takenobu Kamada Osaka University
9343 Regulatory Mechanism by Salt of the Hyperplastic Vascular Disease Following Endothelial Removal Hiroshi Azuma Tokyo Medical and Dental University
9344 Role of Dopamine in Salt-Sensitive and Non-Salt Sensitive Hypertension Manabu Yoshimura Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
9345 Antihypertensive Effect of Calcium Loading on Salt-Induced Hypertension: The Role of Its Suppressive Effect of Stress Reactivity Toshiro Fujita University of Tokyo
9346 The Influence of Consuming Two-Thirds of Daily Salt Intake at Dinner on Variation of Circadian Rhythm of Blood Pressure and Urinary Variables Kazue Itoh Nakamura-Gakuen University
9347 The Role of Increase in Na Concentration in CSF in Arterial Pressure Regulation in Dehydrated Rats : Interaction with Arterial Baroreflexes Hiroshi Nose Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
9348 Hydrogenphosphate Ion Permeability of Dialysis Membranes with Varying Zeta Potentials Kiyotaka Sasaki Waseda University
9349 Role of Metal Chlorides on Self-Assembly and Function Control of Proteins Kozue Kaibara Kyushu University
9350 Central Nervous Mechanism of Formation of Taste Quality and Taste Hedonics during Ingestion of NaCl Takashi Yamamoto Osaka University
9351 Mechanism for Salt Appetite in the Nucleus of the Solitary Tract of Behaving Rats by Special Movable Electrode Kiyomi Nakamura Toyama Prefectural University
9352 Behavioral and Neurophysiological Study on the Salt Preference in Rats Michio Komai Tohoku University
9353 Quality Improvement of Low-Quality Rice Grains by a Combined NaCl-Enzymatic Treatment Michiko Watanabe Tokyo Gakugei University
9354 Studies on the Mechanism of Metabolic Regulation in Salt-Tolerant Yeast Fusao Tomita Hokkaido University
9355 Role of Salts in Process and Fermentation of a Gahnaian Fish Product, MOMONI Toshiaki Ohshima Tokyo University of Fisheries
9356 A Salt-Resistant Thromboritic Enzyme Found in Salted Fish Guts Shiokara Hiroyuki Sumi Okayama Prefectural Junior College
9357 Ripening of Salted Sea Urchin Gonads Manufactured from Raw Gonads Preserved under Different Conditions Kazuko Shimada Yamaguchi Women's University
9358 Control of Glass Transition Temperature of Food by Salt and Its Application to Storage of Salted and Dried Products Masanobu Ishikawa Tokyo University of Fisheries
9359 Effects of Sodium Chloride on Preparation of Emulsion containing Food-Functional Saponin Kenji Watanabe Gifu University
9360 Effects of Salt and Betaine on Fermented Meat Product Mitsuo Sekikawa Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
9361 Interfacial Denaturation and Thermal Gelation of Fish Muscle Proteins in the Presence of Salt Takeshi Taguchi Tokyo University of Fisheries
9362 Effects of Salt on Physical Properties of Food Protein Gels Michiyo Murata Kacho Junior College
9363 The Diffusion of Sodium Chloride in Foods Sachiko Odake Yamanashi Women's Junior College