Grants list for fisical 2013

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
1301 Biological Removal of Organic and Bacterial Contaminants Formed on Ion-Exchange Membranes in a Salt-Making Plant Izuru Kakuta Ishinomaki Senshu University
1302 Electrochemical Synthesis of Biodiesel Fuel by Using Sodium Chloride Katsuki Kusakabe Sojo University
1303 Impregnation of Insoluble Cobalt Ferrocyanide onto Anion-Exchange Graft Chain Appended to Nylon Fiber Kyoichi Saito Chiba University
1304 Preparation and Application of Cyclophane Compounds Showing Specific Binding for Lithium Akihiko Tsuge Kyushu Institute of Technology
1305 Assessment of Anti-Fouling Property of Membranes Using Computational Chemistry to Design Seawater Desalination and Salt Production Processes Ryo Nagumo Nagoya Institute of Technology
1306 Polymeric Pseudo-Liquid Membranes: Recovery of Maritime Metal Resources and Environmental Protection Masakazu Yoshikawa Kyoto Institute of Technology
1307 Fabrication of Materials for Next-Generation Clean Energy Devices from Salts Hajime Wagata Shinshu University
1308 Physiological Basis of Seawater Inadaptability in a Landlocked Masu Salmon, Biwa Salmon Munetaka Shimizu Hokkaido University
1309 Production of Tomato Fruit Containing High Health-Promoting Properties and High Phenolic Compounds Using Salt Stress Kazufumi Zushi University of Miyazaki
1310 Quality Control of Japanese Wines by Salt-Regulated Proline Synthesis Shunji Suzuki University of Yamanashi
1311 Development of Flower Pot Production by Using Dwarfing Effect of Salt Seiichi Suzuki Miyagi Prefectural Agriculture and Horticulture Research Center
1312 Analysis of Salt Tolerance Mechanisms in Sprovolus Virginics Yuichi Tada Tokyo University of Technology
1313 Effects of Salt Concentration on the Growth of Halophiles from Mariana Trench under High Pressures Hideyuki Tamegai Nihon University
1314 Study on Evaluation of the Influence That the Tsunami by the Great East Japan Earthquake Gave in Biodiversity of Matsukawaura Inlet (Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture) and Environmental Recovery Ko Tomikawa Hiroshima University
1315 The Mechanism of Activation by Sodium Chloride on the Protease Production Using Salt-Tolerant Mushroom Kazuo Nakamura University of Yamanashi
1316 Engineering of Salt-Stress Tolerance in Plants through Activation of Inositol Metabolic Pathway Kaoru Yoshida The University of Tokyo
1317 Effect of Dietary Sodium Intake on the 24-hr Blood Pressure and the Progression of Renal and Vascular Complications Takashi Uzu Shiga University of Medical Science
1318 Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Cochlear K+-Circulation in the Inner Ear Fumiaki Nin Niigata University
1319 The Efficacy of Renal Denervation for the Stroke Onset in Salt-Sensitive Hypertension -Renal Denervation Prevents Stroke Onset in Salt-Sensitive Hypertension- Yu Hasegawa Kumamoto University
1320 Physiological Roles of Moesin, a Membrane Cytoskeletal Cross-Linker in the Renal Salt and Water Reabsorption Ryo Hatano Ritsumeikan University
1321 The Role of Salt-Sensitivity and Sympathetic Nerve Activity in Obesity Megumi Fujita The University of Tokyo
1322 Sodium-Dependent Phosphate Transport System in the Kidney-Bone Axis - Phosphate Handling of Osteocytes - Ken-ichi Miyamoto The University of Tokushima
1323 Effect of Salts on the Quality of Foods by the Non-Thermal Processing Shigeaki Ueno Saitama University
1324 Research on the Salt Preference in Mineral Deficient Animals Shinji Okada The University of Tokyo
1325 Roles of Zinc on Intestinal Barrier Function Takuya Suzuki Hiroshima University