Grants list for fisical 2021

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
2101 Development of Basic Assesment Method for Elucidation of Metal Corrosion Mechanisms caused by Microorganisms Hironaga Akita National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
2102 Analytical Technique of Long-lived Radiodine Released from Fukushima Daiich NPP for Monitoring Marine Pollution Shiho Asai National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
2103 Oil for Extraction of Metals from High-concentration Salt Solutions: Search for Compounds Suitable for Ionic Solvation Extraction by Machine Learning Tatsuya Oshima University of Miyazaki
2104 Electrode Potential Measurement for Ion-Exchange Method Using Oxygen Evolution Anode and Novel Solution Sending Zenta Kato Tohoku Institute of Technology
2105 Development of Environmentally Friendly Silver-Tin Plating Bath Using Hydrate Melts Atsushi Kitada Kyoto University
2106 Effects of Properties and Structure of Carbonized fiber Membranes on Membrane Distillation Performance Ryotaro Kiyono Shinshu University
2107 Development of Advanced Steel for Piping to Contribute to Extending the Life of Salt Manufacturing Plants Jun Komotori Keio University
2108 Elucidation of the Mechanism to Include Bromine Ions into Sodium Chloride Crystals Yoshiyuki Shirakawa Doshisha University
2109 Fundamental Study on Mg Metal Production from Bittern Using Al Scrap Toshihide Takenaka Kansai University
2110 Concentration Dependence of Hydration Structures in Aqueous Salt Solutions Revealed by Soft X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Masanari Nagasaka Institute for Molecular Science, National Institutes of Natural Scinence
2111 Development of Biorefinery Using Photosynthetic Marine Euglenoids Masami Nakazawa Osaka Prefecture University (Osaka Metropolitan University)
2112 Stimultaneous Determination of Iodide and Iodate in Salts Keiichi Fukushi Kobe University
2113 Development of Innovative Salt Manufacturing Process Using Droplet Levitated on High Temperature Surface Hayato Masuda Osaka City University (Osaka Metropolitan University)
2114 Synthesis of Carbonate Nano-particles from Concentrated Brine by CO2 Fine Bubble Injection under Ultrasonic Irradiation, and Conversion to Inorganic Phosphor Masakazu Matsumoto Nihon University
2115 Salt Manufacturing Technology by Rotating Cylinder Heat Exchanger to Prevent a Solid Precipitation Nobuhiro Maruoka Tohoku University
2116 Study of Incorporation of Impurity Atomic Ions into Salt Nanocrystals Fuminori Misaizu Tohoku University
2117 Salt Removal from Saline Soil by Halophilic Microbes Rie Yatsunami The National University Corporation Tokyo Institute of Technology
2118 Study on the Stability of Fine Bubbles in Seawater and in their Salt-Containing Solutions Alcantara Avila Jesus Rafael Kyoto University
2119 Synthesis of Boron-type Power with High Frame Retardant from Bittern Takaaki Wajima Chiba University
2120 Pathogenic Mechanism of Salt-sensitive Hypertension Caused by Renal Tubular Cell-Specific NFAT5 Deficiency Yuichiro Izumi Kumamoto University Hospital
2121 Brain Ca2+ Activity Involved in Gain/Loss of Happiness Daisuke Ino Osaka University
2122 Effects of Body Fluid Shift on Sodium/Water Balance Hoemeostasis by Vasopressin System, Using Novel Genetically Modified Rats Yoichi Ueta University of Occupational and Enviromental Health
2123 Anti-allergic Effects of Food Constituents Itsuro Kazama Miyagi University
2124 Adrenal Metabolic Changes and Elevated Steroidgenesis in Obesity and Diabetes Affecting Salt Sensitivity Kameda Hiraku Hokkaido University Hospital
2125 Quantitive Analysis of the Effect of Salt Loading on the Balance between Pressure Diuresis and Renal Sympathetic Antidiuretic Function in Hypertensive Rats Toru Kawada National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
2126 Attractive and Aversive Response against Sodium Chloride under the Disease Conditions Including Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease Tetsuro Kusaba Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
2127 Elucidation of Cognitive Impairament Induced by Chronic Kidney Disease and Development of Therapeutic Methods Focusing on the Brain Mg2+ Contents Yasuhiro Kosuge Nihon University
2128 Association of Serum Sodium with Bone Metabolism and Fracture Risk in Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis Hirotaka Komaba Tokai University School of Medicine
2129 Salt Intake Promotes Intestinal Movements through TRPA1 Activation Koji Shibasaki University of Nagasaki
2130 Mineral Nutrient Linked Anti-aging Regulation: A Novel Mechanism Involving Magnesium Hiroko Segawa Tokushima University
2131 Elucidation of Cytokine Secretion Regulatory Mechanism from Macrophages by Salt Loading through WNK Signal Eisei Sohara Tokyo Medical and Dental University
2132 Clarification of the Mechanism of Impaired Insulin Secretion Induced by Sodium Chloride Intake Hiroshi Takagi Nagoya City University
2133 Estimation of Single-nephron Salt Excretion and Application to Clinical Nephrology Nobuo Tsuboi The Jikei University School of Medicine
2134 Role of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Transferrin Receptor1 in Salt-Sensitive Hypertension Yoshiro Naito Hyogo Medical University
2135 Novel Regulatory Mechanisms Mediated by a K+ Channel Interacting Protein NCS-1 ( an Intracellular Ca2+ Sensor) Tomoe Nishitani Wakayama Medical University
2136 Identification and Manipulation of Taste Bud Cells Encoding Salty Taste Kengo Nomura Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
2137 Exploring the Neural Basis of Salt Preference from Neural Circuit Control and Computational Theory Takatoshi Hikida Osaka University
2138 Physiological Roles of Phosphorylation of Brain Specific K+-Cl- Cotransporter, KCC2, Studied by Using Dephosphomimetic Mutant Mice Atsuo Fukuda Hamamatsu University School of Medicine
2139 Mechanistic Analyses of Circadian Blood Pressure Regulation via Renal Magnesium Transporting Molecules Yosuke Funato Osaka University
2140 Pain Control through Modulation of the Regulatory Mechanism of Purinergic Chemical Transmission by Manipulating Cl- Balance Takaaki Miyaji Okayama University
2141 Control of Cellular Senescence by Regulating Intracellular Magnesium Ion Homeostasis Akira Shimamoto・Ryu Yamanaka Sanyo-Onoda City University
2142 Elucidating the Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Magnesium-Mediated Health and Longevity Takeshi Yamamoto Osaka University
2143 Exploration of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Associated with Salt Intake Maki Igarashi The University of Tokyo
2144 Fundamental study on the Evaluation of Hydration Structure in Salt Solution by Using Spectroscopy Daitaro Ishikawa Fukushima University
2145 Development of Cultivation High-Mannan and High-Vitamin C Content Tomato Cultivation Technique by Salt Water Cultivation Hiroaki Iwai University of Tsukuba
2146 The Involvement of Dopaminergic System in the Sunergic Effect of Salty and Umami on Food Palatability Takaaki Ozawa Osaka University
2147 The Regulatory Mechanisms of Ion Response and Extracellular Ionic Milieu of an Salt-Sensing Neuron that Dictate Taste Preference Hirofumi Kunitomo The University of Tokyo
2148 Study on Mechanism and Identification of Taste Improvement Compounds of Red Algae by Salt Stress Yuya Kumagai Hokkaido University
2149 Search for Antibacterial Substances Derived from Marine Bacteria for Application to Food Preservatives Shinya Kodani Shizuoka University
2150 Evaluation of Nutraceutial Properties of Cacti under Salinity Stress Akiko Hashiguchi University of Tsukuba
2151 A Study on Central Nervous System that Regulates Salt Taste Preference Yuta Yoshida Ibaraki University