Grants list for fisical 1998

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
9801 Harmfulness of Galvanic Corrosion in Salt Producing Plant - On-site Inspection and Laboratory Test Simulating the Process Condition - Mikio Takemoto Aoyama Gakuin University
9802 Study on Water Transport and Highly Concentrating Sea Water through Ion-Exchange Membrane Akihiko Tanioka Tokyo Institute of Technology
9803 Preparation of Ceramic Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Membranes Having Thermal and Chemical Resistance and Its Application for Ion Separation Toshinori Tsuru Hiroshima University
9804 Design of the Self-Organized Hosts as a Specific Sensor of Alkaline or Alkaline Earth Metal Ions Yoshiaki Kobuke Nara Institute of Science and Technology
9805 Development of Novel Chitosan Resin for Recovery of Boron from Seawater Kazuo Kondo Doshisha University
9806 Development of High-Performance Elution of Proteins Adsorbed in Multilayer onto Porous Hollow-Fiber Membrane with NaCl Aqueous Solution Kyoichi Saito Chiba University
9807 Study on Recovery and Adding More Value of the Component in Sea Water by Uniform Precipitation Method using Urea Kaoru Onoe Chiba Institute of Technology
9808 Structure-Property Relationship and Effect of Interlayer Alkaline Metal Ions in Ion-Exchangeable Layered Inorganic Materials Masato Machida Miyazaki University
9809 Development of Novel Calixarenes for Separation of Valuable Metals in Seawater by Computational Modeling Masahiro Goto Kyushu University
9810 Continuous Flow System (FIA) for on-site Analysis and Continuous monitoring for Dissolved Constituents in Sea Water Takeshi Yamane Yamanashi University
9811 Separation and Determination of Trace Ionic Substances in Sea Water and Concentrated Electrolyte Solutions by Capillary Electrophoresis and Its Application to Speciation of Substances Shoji Motomizu Okayama University
9812 Magnesium Ion-Dependent Discriminating System Comprising DNA Mizuo Maeda Kyushu University
9813 Electrochemical Counting Method of the Marine Nitrifying and Denitrifying Bacteria Katsumi Takayama Fukui National College of Technology
9814 Development of High Performance Sodium and Chloride Selective Optode Devices Hideaki Hisamoto Keio University
9815 Studies on Irrigation Methods and Salinization Control in Zones with Salt Accumulation Soils Fusakazu Ai Tokyo University of Agriculture
9816 Fate and Toxicity of the New Antifouling Compound in Marine Ecosystem Hideo Okamura Okayama University
9817 Evaluations of Primary Productivity and Carrying Capacity in the Coastal Waters Ken Furuya University of Tokyo
9818 Erosion Protection System by Salt Additives Kengo Watanabe Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
9819 Salt Tolerance of Plants Transformed with a Gene Encoding an Na+ /H+ Antiporter Atsushi Sakamoto National Institute for Basic Biology
9820 Poplar Salt, Biogenic Minerals Found at the Cut Section of Populus diversifolia around Desert Area, Xinjiang, NW China - Its Formation Mechanism and Physiological Features of Salt Torelance - Sadayo Yabuki RIKEN
9821 Mechanism of Salt Tolerance in Salt-Adapted Winged Bean Cultured Cells Muneharu Esaka Hiroshima University
9822 Study on Salinity Tolerance in a Seagrass (Zostera marina) Toshiyuki Fukuhara Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
9823 Characterization of the Mangrove Metabolism Related to the Salt Tolerance Hiroshi Ashihara Ochanomizu University
9824 Bioenviromental Activity of Polyphenols in Brown Algae: Inhibitory Effects of Phlorotannins on Bacterial Growth and Glycosidases Takashi Nakamura Kyushu University
9825 The Mass Culture of the Valuable Microalgae by using the New-Type Photobioreactor Seishiro Hirabayashi Society of Agricultural Education-Research Development Abroad
9826 Membrane-Surface Liquid Culture of Marine Blue-Green Algae Kazuhiro Nakanishi Okayama University
9827 Species Diversity of Temperate Japanese Seagrasses and the Developmental Processes of Seagrass Ecosystems on the Sanriku Coasts, Northern Japan Koichi Kawaguchi University of Tokyo
9828 Searching for Prebiotic Organizations in Primordial Sea Medium Enriched by Transition Metals - Mechanisms of Self-Assembly of Elastomeric Proteins by Transition Metal Chlorides - Kozue Kaibara Kyushu University
9829 Signal Transuction in a Protozoa. Euglena gracilis, under Salt Stress Kazutaka Miyatake Osaka Prefecture University
9830 A Fundamental Study on Microbial Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide from Anoxic Sea Water on Sediments by using Photosynthetic Sulfur Bacterium Yasuhiro Konishi Osaka Prefecture University
9831 Development of a Novel Ammonia Removal Method by Using a Marine Bacterium Yasushi Sugano Tokyo Institute of Technology
9832 Sodium Sensitivity of Blood Pressure: New Prognostic Factor for Renal and Cardiovascular Events Genjiro Kimura National Cardiovascular Center
9833 Does Excessive Salt Intake Promote Progression of Atherosclerosis ? Masaru Kunitomo Mukogawa Women's University
9834 Uroguanylin Is a Prime Candidate for an Intestinal Natriuretic Factor Masamitsu Nakazato Miyazaki Medical College
9835 Transmembrane Helix 5 and Loop E Are Critical for the High Water Permeability of Aquaporin-2 Michio Kuwahara Tokyo Medical and Dental University
9836 Regulation of Na/H Exchanger by Steroid Hormones Shigeaki Muto Jichi Medical School
9837 Analyses of Renal NaCl Handling using Gene Expression Profiles of Mouse Renal Tubules Enyu Imai Osaka University
9838 Identification of Na+ -Dependent Phosphate Transporter in the Bone : Na+ -Dependent Phosphate Transporter in Osteoclast Ken-ichi Miyamoto Tokushima University
9839 Studies on Na+ -Dependent Glutamate Transporter as a Regulatory Mechanism for Melatonin Synthesis Yoshinori Moriyama Okayama University
9840 A Novel Lipid Mediator Induced by Salt Stress Tetsuyuki Kobayashi Ochanomizu University
9841 Molecular Studies on Clinical Significance of Renal Vasoactive Substances in the Regulation of Salt Metabolism and Renal Microcirculation - Roles of the Prostanoid System - Issei Tanaka Kyoto University
9842 Modulation with High Salt Diet of the Vascular Remodelling after Endothelial Denudation of Rabbit Carotid Artery Hiroshi Azuma Tokyo Medical and Dental University
9843 Mechanism of Regulation of Blood Phosphate Level: Regulation of Surface Expression the Renal Na/Pi -Cotransporter Hiroshi Ohno Kanazawa University
9844 Effects of Cytosolic Ca2+ on Membrane Voltage and Conductance of Rat Renal Mesangial Cells from Stroke-Prone Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats Yukio Yamori Kyoto University
9845 Physiological Study on the Increased Sodium Chloride Preference Observed Soon After the Zinc-Deficient Diet Feeding to SD Rats Michio Komai Tohoku University
9846 Structural Plasticity of Hypothalamo-Neurohypophysial System with Chronic Salt Loading Seiji Miyata Kyoto Institute of Technology
9847 Role of Brain Na+ Channels in the Pressor Mechanism of Salt-Sensitive Hypertensive Models Masato Nishimura Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
9848 Effects of Adrenomedullin (AM) and AM-Related Peptides on the Hypothalama-Neurohypophysial System: Molecular Physiological Aspects Hiroshi Yamashita University of Occupational and Environmental Health
9849 Multi Center Analysis for the Relation of Salty Taste Sensitivity and Blood Pressure on Individuals Kazuo Suzuki Research Institute for Brain and Blood-Vessels Akita
9850 Study of Molecular Genetics of Salt Sensitivity with Reference to Ethnic Diversity Norihiro Kato Teikyo University
9851 A Study on the Effects of Therapy Aimed at Health Enhancement and Prevention of Disease using Sea Water Toshiharu Yamamoto International Budo University
9852 Significance of Seasoning in Cookery Science - Salty Taste Preference and Hard Exercise - Sumiko Kurata Musashigaoka Junior College
9853 International Comparison of Dietary Intake and Urinary Excretion of Salt and Trace Elements among Japan and Asian Countries Takao Watanabe Miyagi University
9854 Enhancement of the Inhibitory Activity of Food Protein Hydrolysates by Sodium Chloride on Calcium Carbonate Crystallization Koji Muramoto Tohoku University
9855 Effect of NaCl Present on Digestibility and Allergenicity of Major Allergens in Cow's Milk and Hen's Egg Kentaro Sakai Tokushima University
9856 Enzymatic Degradation of Unutilized Protein Resources and Peptide Synthesis in the Presence of High Concentration of Salts Kuniyo Inouye Kyoto University
9857 Effect of Sodium Chloride on the Antimicrobial Activity of the Partially Unfolded Lysozyme Hisham R. Ibrahim Kagoshima University
9858 Enzymatic Browning of Shredded Vegetable and the Effect of NaCl on the Browning Masatsune Murata Ochanomizu University
9859 Gustatory Threshold in Human: Relationship to Aging Toshimi Mizunuma Saga University
9860 The Effect of Salt Preservation on Fish Eggs Takahide Tsuchiya Sophia University
9861 Why do Fatty Acid Salts Induce Gelation of Ovalbumin? - The Mechanism for Fatty Acid Salts-Induced Gelation and the Application - Naoko Yuno-Ohta Nihon University