Grants list for fisical 1997

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
9701 Study on Water Transport and Highly Concentrating Sea Water through Ion-Exchange Membrane Akihiko Tanioka Tokyo Institute of Technology
9702 Facilitation of Up-Hill Transport of Na+ Ion through Cation Exchange Membranes Tadashi Uragami Kansai University
9703 Study on Acid-Base Production Utilizing Water Splitting Properties of Bipolar Membrane (2) Akira Yamauchi Kyushu University
9704 Micro Structure of the Surface of Sodium Chloride Crystals and Its Control Masaaki Yokota Iwate University
9705 Crystallization of Alkali Halides Doped with Several Kinds of Foreign Ions and Their Application to Optically-Active Media Mamoru Baba Iwate University
9706 Surface Gibbs Energy of NaCl Measured by Contact Angle Method Hitoshi Shindo Chuo University
9707 High-Pressure Solubility of Sodium Chloride in Water Seiji Sawamura Ritsumeikan University
9708 Syntheses of New Ionophors for Ion Selective Electrodes Koji Araki Kyushu Institute of Technology
9709 Separation and Determination of Trace Ionic Substances in Sea Water and Concentrated Electrolyte Solutions by Capillary Electrophoresis and Its Application to Speciation of Substances Shoji Motomizu Okayama University
9710 Case and Mechanistic Study of Corrosion Problems in clad- and Welded-Members in Salt Producing Plant Mikio Takemoto Aoyama Gakuin University
9711 A Study on Improvement of Heat Resistance of FRP for Salt Water Environment Ken Tsuda Tokyo Institute of Technology
9712 Comparative Studies of the Salt Manufacutures (The Salt Manufacuture by Eathernware, the Salt Farm Method and the Ion Exchange Membrane Method etc.) and Developments of General Teaching Material Concerning Salt Katuhiro Yamamoto Osaka Prefectural Education Center
9713 Development of High-Performance Elution of Proteins Adsorbed in Multilayers onto Porous Hollow-Fiber Membrane with NaCl Aqueous Solution Kyoichi Saito Chiba University
9714 Development of High-Speed Dewatering System of Particulate Suspensions using Sodium Chloride Eiji Iritani Nagoya University
9715 Crystalization Process of Mineral Included in Sea Water Mitsutaka Kitamura Hiroshima University
9716 Exclusion of Microorganisms in Salt Water by a High Pressure Type Reverse Osmosis Membrane Hiroyuki Wakiyama National Defense Medical College
9717 The Difference in CO2 Absorpt Ion Velocity between Sea and Fresh Waters Satoru Komori Kyushu University
9718 Poplar Salt, Biogenic Minerals Found at the Cut Section of Populus diversifolia around Desert Area, Xinjiang, NW China - Its Formation Mechanism and Physiological Features of Salt Torelance - Sadayo Yabuki RIKEN
9719 Expression and Regulation of a Novel Stress Protein, p66. Induced by Salt Stress Kimiko Murakami-Murofushi Ochanomizu University
9720 Engineering Na+ /H+ Antiport in Higher Plants for Salt Tolerance Atsushi Sakamoto National Institute for Basic Biology
9721 Characterization of High Affinity Na+ K+ Transporter Gene from Higher Plants Nobuyuki Uozumi Nagoya University
9722 Improvement of Salt Tolerance Rootstock of Citrus and Development of Ceramic Pipe Irrigation System for Early Evaluation Nobumasa Nito Saga University
9723 Studies on Irrigation Methods and Salinization Control in Zones with Salt Accumulation Soils Fusakazu Ai Tokyo University of Agriculture
9724 Suspended Substance (SS) Elimination System using Salt Add It Ion to Soil Erosion Particles Transferred from Upland Field Kengo Watanabe Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology
9725 Developmental Processes of Temperate Seagrass Ecosystems on the Coasts of Northern Japan and Salt Tolerant Features of Seagrasses Koichi Kawaguchi University of Tokyo
9726 Molecular Mechanisms of DNA Damage Protection in Halobacterium salinarium, an Extremely Halophilic Bacterium Hiroshi Ide Hiroshima University
9727 Comparative Study on the Halophilism of the Soluble and Membrane Proteins in Halobacteria Yasuo Sugiyama Nagoya University
9728 Evaluations of Nutrient Dynamics and Carrying Capacity in Coastal Waters Ken Furuya University of Tokyo
9729 Inter-Relationships among the Habitats of Forests, Rivers and Coastal Sea, with Reference to the Important Function of Nutrient Transportation by Anadromous Fishes Akira Goto Hokkaido University
9730 Effect of Salt Concentration on the Energy Transduction Mechanism of a Motor Protein Hiroyuki Iwamoto Teikyo University
9731 Uroguanylin Is a Prime Candidate for an Intestinal Natriureitic Factor Masamitsu Nakazato Miyazaki Medical College
9732 Generation of Mice That Overexpress or Lack Natriuretic Peptide Family and Its Significance in the Regulation of Salt Metabolism Kazuwa Nakao Kyoto University
9733 Structural and Functional Analysis of Water Channel Michio Kuwahara Tokyo Medical and Dental University
9734 Physiology and Regulation of Vacuolar Sodium Pump of Enterococcus hirae Yoshimi Kakinuma Chiba University
9735 Molecular Structure of a New Chloride Ion Pump Chiyoko Inagaki Kansai Medical University
9736 NaCl Sensor Mechanism of Renal Tubular Potassium Channels Yasunobu Okada National Institute for Physiological Sciences
9737 Mechanisms for K Transport in the Renal Collecting Duct Shigeaki Muto Jichi Medical School
9738 Solvents Affect the Gating Kinetics of Sodium and Potassium Channels Fumio Kukita National Institute for Physiological Sciences
9739 Pathophysiological Role of Hypertonic Stress by Salt Loading in the Kidney Atsushi Yamauchi Osaka University
9740 The Attenuation of Cisplatin-Induced Acute Renal Failure by Saline Loading Akira Hishida Hamamatsu University School of Medicine
9741 Identification of Intestinal Sodium Dependent Phosphate Transporter and Its Activation by Vitamin D Eiji Takeda Tokushima University
9742 Physiological Study of Sodium Salt Reception in the Skin Epithelium Takatoshi Nagai Teikyo University
9743 Effects of Bathing on Components of Minerals in Sea Water Tomihiro Shimizu Joetsu University of Education
9744 Change of Salivary Secretion from the Parotid Gland of Rat by Hypertonic Stimulation: Central Control of the Secretion Kiyotoshi Inenaga Kyushu Dental College
9745 Transduction Mechanism of Umami - Like Taste Involved in Salt Takenori Miyamoto Nagasaki University
9746 Effects of Salts and Minerals on SOD Inhibit Ion of Ubiquinol Oxidation Tsutomu Nakayama University of Shizuoka
9747 Cysteine Protease-Cystatin System as a Modulator for Physical Properties of Proteins; A Study from the Aspect of Enzyme Chemistry and Food Processing Keiko Abe University of Tokyo
9748 Inhibition of Calcium Carbonate Crystallization by Soybean Protein Hydrolysate and Its Promotion Effect on Calcium Absorption Koji Muramoto Tohoku University
9749 Development of a New Food from Difficultly Freezable Material, Soy Sauce Michiko Watanabe Tokyo Gakugei University
9750 Novel Salt-Resistant Emulsifier Constructed by Protein-Polysaccharide Conjugation Akio Kato Yamaguchi University
9751 Effect of Salt Compositions on the Quality of Surimi Products Munehiko Tanaka Tokyo University of Fisheries
9752 On Halophilic Non-Sporeforming Anaerobic Gram Negative Rods in Sea Fish and Shellfishes Toyoko Kobayashi Tokai Gakuen Women 's College