Grants list for fisical 1990

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
9001 Development of Potassium and Bromide Ions Memorized Inorganic Ion-Exchangers Takashi Suzuki Yamanashi University
9002 Basic Study for Improving Saline Soil Area into Agricultural Land Masashi Nakano University of Tokyo
9003 A New Transformation Method of Microorganisms with Plasmid by Alkali Metal Ions Like K+ and Na+ Makoto Shoda Tokyo Institute of Technology
9004 Studies on Fiber Adsorbent of Uranium from Seawater Yoshiaki Kobuke Shizuoka University
9005 Study on Salt Tolerance Mechanism of Halophytes Shigeru Kato Tokyo University of Agriculture
9006 Study of Scale Removal with Charged Reverse Osmosis Membranes Shin-ichi Nakao University of Tokyo
9007 Reactive Crystallization in the Recovery of Dissolved Resources in Seawater Hideki Tsuge Keio University
9008 Fiber-Optic Chemical Sensor for Metal Ions and Its Application to Seawater Industries Nobuhiko Ishibashi Kyushu University
9009 Ecological Survey of Halophilic Bacteria of Saltworks and Salted Foods Hiroshi Onishi Kagoshima University
9010 Applied Engineering Research on Improvement of Ecological Environments in Sea Coast Hiroo Inoue Kagawa University
9011 Separation of Li+ in Seawater with Synthetic Inorganic Ion Exchangers Masamichi Tsuji Tokyo Institute of Technology
9012 Studies on Solar Desalting Stills Shigeki Toyama Nagoya University
9013 The Dependence of Concentration of External Salt Solution on the Properties of Ion-Exchange Membranes Masayasu Tasaka Shinshu University
9014 Utilizing Sea Water, as a Source of Nutrition, for Farm Products Cultivation Masao Toyama Tottori University
9015 Growth Behavior and Kinetics of Single and Poly-Crystals Msakuni Matsuoka Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
9016 Uphill Transport across a Charged Membrane in Multi-Component Ion System Akihiko Tanioka Tokyo Institute of Technology
9017 New Separation Method with Charge-Mosaic Membrane System Manabu Igawa Kanagawa University
9018 Character and Function of Sodium Chloride in Higher Reactive Water Shoji Yamashita Nagoya University
9019 Effects of Salinity on Biological Metabolism in Brackish Water Ecosystem Yasuo Takai Tokyo University of Agriculture
9020 Continuous Determination of Na Concentration in CSF during Recovery from Thermal Dehydration in Rats Taketoshi Morimoto Kyoto Prefecture University of Medicine
9021 Mechanism and Regulation of NaCl Transport in the Renal Tubules Masashi Imai Jichi Medical School
9022 Comparative Epidemiological Studies on the Genesis of Hypertension in Nepal Terukazu Kawasaki Kyushu University
9023 Effects of Increased Sodium Appetite on Neural Activities in the Gustatory Cortex of Monkeys during the Salt-Water Discrimination GO-NOGO Task Hisashi Ogawa Kumamoto University
9024 Studies on the Relationship between Salt and Blood Pressure Control Mechanisms and the Prevention of Hypertention Toshio Ogihara Osaka University
9025 The Study on the Relationship between Salt Intake and Exercise Yoshiharu Shimomura University of Tsukuba
9026 Behavioral and Physiological Aspects of Spontaneous Salt Intake in Mice Exposed to Various Environmental Conditions Tsuguyoshi Suzuki University of Tokyo
9027 Effect of NaCl and Minerals on Secretion of Gastrointestinal Hormones by Hormone-Producing Cells Tohru Fushiki Kyoto University
9028 Activity of Osmosensitive Neurons in the Lateral Preoptic Area during the Intake of Salt Solution Toshimasa Osaka University of Occupational and Environmental Health
9029 The Mechanisms of Antiarrhythmic Efficacy of Magnesium Ions in Isolated Ventricular Cells Masahiro Aomine Nakamura Gakuen College
9030 Effects of Salt on Bacteria-Phage System Akira Murata Saga University
9031 Effects of Removal of External Na+ Ions on Vascular Smooth Muscles Tadao Tomita Nagoya University
9032 A Study on the Role of Thyroid Hormone in Regulating Serum Sodium Concentrations Kiyoshi Tanaka Kyoto University
9033 Sodium Requirement in Human Mamoru Nishimuta National Institute of Health and Nutrition
9034 On the Production of Antioxidants by Fungi Isolated in the Presence of Higher Amounts of Salt Yukihiro Ishikawa Tottori University
9035 Changes of Taste and Taste-Active Components in Bivalves Acclimated to Different Salinity Shinya Fuke Tokyo Gakugei University
9036 Effect of Salt on the Stability of Color of Umeboshi Kumi Yoshida Sugiyama Jogakuen University
9037 Effect of pH and Salt Concentration on the Heat-Induced Gelation and Increase in Viscosity of Food Protein Solution Naofumi Kitabatake Kyoto University
9038 Estimation of Dialyzed Melanoidin and Tasty Substances in Fish Sauce and Soy Sauce with the Treatment of Electrodialysis Seiichi Homma Ochanomizu University
9039 Mechanism for Permeation of Sodium Chloride into Food Atsuko Shimada Ochanomizu University
9040 Effect of NaCl Concentration on Activities of Enzymes Related to Oxygen Metabolism in a Halo-Tolerant Lactic Acid Bacterium Masayuki Taniguchi Niigata University
9041 Effect of Salts on the Hardness of Cooked Beans 2 Yasuhiko Nakamura Kagoshima University