Grants list for fisical 2005

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
0501 Determination of Trace Elements Forming Oxoanion in Salt and Bittern Akihide Itoh University of the Ryukyus
0502 Fundamental Study on Preventing Crevice Corrosion in the Flanges of Salt Manufacturing Plants by using Pure Water Penetration Hiroyuki Inoue Osaka Prefecture University
0503 Development of Determination Method for Trace Elements in Salt Made from Deep Seawater by ICP-AES after Separation using an International Standardization-Assisted Rapid Coprecipitation Technique Shigehiro Kagaya University of Toyama
0504 Research on Fouling Mechanism and Development of Anti-Fouling Processes in Membrane Salt-Production System -The Utilization of Microbubble Technology, Strong UV Radiation and Absorption Method - Izuru Kakuta Senshu University of Ishinomaki
0505 Atomistic Mechanisms of Habit Modification of Alkali Halide Crystals. 3. Effects of CH3OH, HgCl2, O=CHNH2 and K4Fe[CN]6 Hitoshi Shindo Chuo University
0506 Study for Effect of a Higher-Order Field on Ionic Transport across a Membrane (Ⅲ) Akihiko Tanioka Tokyo Institute of Technology
0507 Artificial Crude Oil Production using Halotolerant Microalgae Jun-ichi Horiuchi Kitami Institute of Technology
0508 Study on Molecular Mechanisms in Dissolution and Deliquescence Processes of Salt Nanocrystals Fuminori Misaizu Tohoku University
0509 Automatization of Chemical Methods of Analysis Utilizing Flow Injection System for Promoting the Efficient and Advanced Uses of Seawater Resources Takeshi Yamane University of Yamanashi
0510 Development of High-Selective Adsorbent for Simultaneous Recovery of Lithium and Bromide from Seawater Kazuharu Yoshizuka The University of Kitakyushu
0511 Identification of the Home of the Salt by Stable Isotope Analysis Jun Yoshinaga University of Tokyo
0512 Desalination of Seawater by Freezing and Thawing Technique Minato Wakisaka Kyushu Institute of Technology
0513 Genetic Improvement of Lettuce for Salt Tolerance by Arabidopsis DREB Gene Transfer Yuichi Uno Kobe University
0514 Comprehensive Expression Trials for Recombinant Larval Cement Related Proteins of the Barnacle Megabalanus rosa using Escherichia coli Expression System Keiju Okano Akita Prefectural University
0515 Extensive Defoliation of Forests Following Salt-Spray of ‘Dry’ Typhoons Hiroshi Kudo Kobe Univercity
0516 Mapping and Characterization of Genetic Loci Controlling Salt-Tolerance for Breeding Salt-Tolerance Rice in Saline Paddy Field Tadashi Sato Tohoku University
0517 Study on Metabolism and Physiological Functions of Selenium Which Regulates the Growth of White Water Bloom-Forming Marine Algae Yoshihiro Shiraiwa University of Tsukuba
0518 Halophilic Denitrifying Bacteria for High-Rate Denitrification of Saline Industrial Wastewater Satoshi Tsuneda Waseda University
0519 Polymorphism and Molecular Anatomy of Ribosomes in Extremely Halophilic Archaeon - Evolution of Ribosomes Based on the Study of Halophilic Microorganisms - Kaoru Nakasone Kinki University
0520 Bioremediation of Coast Environment using Halotolerant Microorganism and Clarification of Mechanism for Halotolerant Naoko Hamada Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
0521 Development of a New Method for Evaluation of the Coastal Environment (Tidelands and River Mouth Area) with the Humic Substance of Surface Sediment Noriaki Yamauchi Kyushu University
0522 Isolation of Responsive Genes Involved in Aquiring Salt- and Drought-Tolerances in Tomato Micro-Tom, a New Model Plant of Solanaceae Takashi Yuasa Kyushu University
0523 The Effect of Magnesium-Insufficiency, a Risk for Osteoporosis, on Bone Minerals Norio Amizuka Niigata University
0524 Role of Na+-Dependent Lactate Transport in Renal Urate Reabsorption Naohiko Anzai Kyorin University
0525 Functional Changes of Paracellin-1, a Magnesium Transporter, by Salt Intake and Clarification of Regulatory Mechanisms of Paracellin-1 (Effect of Phosphorylation on Magnesium Transport by Paracellin-1) Akira Ikari University of Shizuoka
0526 Physiological Role of Na+-Dependent Regulation of Cardiac Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger Takahiro Iwamoto Fukuoka University
0527 Development of in Vivo Monitoring System to Measure AVP-eGFP Neuron Activity and Application for Examination of Sodium and Body Fluid Balance Yoichi Ueta University of Occupational and Environmental Health
0528 Mechanisms of Hypertension Caused by Mutations of WNK Kinases, Novel Regulators of NaCl Handling in the Kidney Shinichi Uchida Tokyo Medical and Dental University
0529 Development of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Drugs for Salt-Sensitive Hypertension and Hyponatremia in Elderly Kenichiro Kitamura Kumamoto University
0530 Role of Zinc in Bone Metabolism Osamu Kozawa Gifu University
0531 Insulin Resistance and Impairment of Vascular Dilatation Caused by High-Salt Induced Hypertension in FRET Construct Transgenic Mice Hideyuki Sakoda University of Tokyo
0532 Pathophysiological Role of Leptin in Renal Injury Takayoshi Suganami Tokyo Medical and Dental University
0533 Osmosensing Mechanism of Co-Operation of Nax and TRPV4 Channel Makoto Suzuki Jichi Medical University
0534 Analysis of Volume-Dependent Cellular NaCl Absorption and Inhibition of the Absorption during Apoptotic Cell Death Nobuyuki Takahashi National Institute for Physiological Sciences
0535 nNOS Neuron- and Ang II Neuron-Mediated Sympathomodulatory Effects in Heart-Failed Dahl Rats with Chronic Salt-Sensitive Hypertension Yasuhiro Nishida National Defense Medical College
0536 Neural Mechanism for Salt-Intake Behaviours Takeshi Y. Hiyama National Institute for Basic Biology
0537 Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Salt-Induced Pressor and Sympathoexcitatory Responses Yoshitaka Hirooka Kyushu University
0538 Role of Natriuretic Peptides in Renal and Bone Homeostasis and Its Application to Translational Research Masashi Mukoyama Kyoto University
0539 Study on Functional Abnormality of Na+-Driven Ion Exchangers in Degenerative Disease of Skeletal and Heart Muscles Shigeo Wakabayashi National Cardiovascular Center
0540 Effects of Bittern Components of Salts on Cooking Properties Kyoko Ishikawa Akita Prefectural University
0541 Structural Factors Affecting Salt-Dependence of Solubility of Seed Proteins Shigeru Utsumi Kyoto University
0542 Functions of Sodium Chloride in the Formation of Wheat Gluten Networks Reiko Urade Kyoto University
0543 Denaturation Mode of Myofibrillar Protein in Salted Fish Meats as Affected by Ca, Mg, or K Concentration Tooru Ooizumi Fukui Prefectural University
0544 Effects of Salt on Metabolites of Halophilic Histamine-Related Bacteria Takashi Kuda Ishikawa Prefectural University
0545 Regulation of Squid Liver Protease by the Combination of Salt and Minerals Kunihiko Konno Hokkaido University
0546 The Role of NaCl for Suppression of the Formation of Lipid Peroxidation Derived Toxic Aldehydes, 4-Hydroxyalkenals in Processed and Stored Fish, Beef and Pork Tadashi Sakai University of Miyazaki
0547 Effects of Included Minerals in Salt on Microorganisms during Soy-Sauce Fermentation Masao Tanaka Chiba Industrial Technology Research Institute
0548 Isolation and Characterization of VNC Bacteria from Food Samples under High Salt Conditions Tomoyuki Fujii Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences
0549 Plasticity in Discrimination Circuitries for Taste Qualities of Sodium and Potassium Glutamate Takenori Miyamoto Japan Women's University