Grants list for fisical 1991

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
9101 Design of Ion-Exchange Membrane by Radiation-Induced Graft Polymerization Kyoichi Saito University of Tokyo
9102 Development of Potassium and Bromide Ions-Memorizing Inorganic Ion-Exchangers Takashi Suzuki Yamanashi University
9103 New Separation Methods of Mosaic Membrane Systems Manabu Igawa Kanagawa University
9104 The Dependence of Thermal and Concentration Membrane Potential on the External Salt Concentration Masayasu Tasaka Shinshu University
9105 Uphill Transport across a Charged Membrane in Multi-Component Ion System Akihiko Tanioka Tokyo Institute of Technology
9106 A Basic Study on Concentration of Sea Water Driven by Pressure Difference Akira Yamauchi Kyushu University
9107 Growth Behavior and Kinetic of Single and Polycrystals of Sodium Chloride Masakuni Matsuoka Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
9108 Study on Bacteria Isolated from Solar Salt Rock Hideki Morishita Osaka City Institute of Public Health and Environmental Sciences
9109 A Study on Establishment of Designing and Screening Method of Corrosion Resistant Paint and Lining for Sea Water Ken Tsuda Tokyo Institute of Technology
9110 Analysis of Sea Salts Yoshifumi Akama Meisei University
9111 Studies on Separation and Determination of Alkali Metal Ions using Crown Compounds Hidefumi Sakamoto Nagoya Institute of Technology
9112 Study of Sea Water Influence on Inland-Water using Boron Isotopic Compositions as Geochemical Tracer Takao Oi Sophia University
9113 Ion Chromatography of Inorganic Anions in Brine Samples Souji Rokushika Kyoto University
9114 Ion-Exchange Properties of Zirconium Phosphate and Its Application for Recovery of Lithium from Sea Water Yusaku Takita Oita University
9115 Separation of Metal Salts from Sea Water by Membranes Comprised of Schiff Base-Transition Metal Complex Eizo Oikawa Niigata University
9116 Preparation of High Efficient Adsorbents and Design of Adsorption Bed for Recovery of Uranium from Seawater Shigeharu Murooka Kyushu University
9117 Utilizing Sea Water, as a Source of Nutrition, for Farm Products Cultivation Masao Toyama Tottori University
9118 Effects of Salinity on Biological Metabolism in Brackish Water Ecosystem Yasuo Takai Tokyo University of Agriculture
9119 How Dunaliella sp. Can Survive in the High Salt Lake of Antarctica ? Tomohiko Watanuki Kagawa Prefectural Public Health Laboratories
9120 Study on Salt Tolerance Mechanism of Halophytes Shigeru Kato Tokyo University of Agriculture
9121 Permeability-Controllable Microcapsule Membranes Responding to Outside Ionic Concentrations Yoshio Okahata Tokyo Institute of Technology
9122 A New Rapid and Micro Cell Fusion Method by Alkali Metal Ions Like K+ and Na+ Makoto Shoda Tokyo Institute of Technology
9123 Effect of Salt on Bacteria-Phage System Akira Murata Saga University
9124 Teleost Growth Hormones and Prolactins Which Regulate Osmotic Pressure in Fish: Their Structures, Receptors and Signal Transductions Kunio Nakashima Mie University
9125 Comparative Epidemiological Studies on the Genesis of Hypertension in Mountain People Habitually Taking 'Tibetan Tea' in Nepal Terukazu Kawasaki Kyusyu University
9126 Studies on the Relationship between Salt and Blood Pressure Control Mechanisms and the Prevention of Hypertension Toshio Ogihara Osaka University
9127 Mechanisms for Regulation of Total Body Salt Contents by Salt Hiroshi Hosomi Kagawa Medical School
9128 The Atrio-Renal Neural Reflex Plays a Major Role in Natriuresis Induced by Left Atrial Distension in Conscious Dogs Kenju Miki University of Occupational and Environmental Health
9129 Effects of Removal of External Na+ Ions on Vascular Smooth Muscles Tadao Tomita Nagoya University
9130 Effect of NaCl and Minerals on Secretion of Gastrointestinal Hormones by Hormone-Producing Cells: Purification of Hormone-Producing Cells from Rat Small Intestine Tohru Fushiki Kyoto University
9131 Provocation of Sudden Death in Animals Related to Metabolic Abnormalities of Magnesium and Potassium Motoomi Nakamura Nakamura Gakuen College
9132 Movement of Trace Elements in the Thymus and Immunodeficiency Yasuaki Arakawa University of Shizuoka
9133 On the Mechanism of Regulation by Cyclic AMP of Cardiac Chloride Channel Tsuguhisa Ehara Saga Medical School
9134 A Study of Relation between Meniere Disease and Salt Physiology Shinjiro Onishi Kantouteisin Hospital
9135 Change of Na Concentration in CSF during Acute Hypernatremia in Anesthetized Rats Taketoshi Morimoto Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
9136 High Order Gustatory Projections in the Human Brain Studied with Positron Emission Tomography Hiroshi Fukuda Tohoku University
9137 Regulatory Mechanism of Urine Excretion by Oropharyngeal/Laryngeal Mucosa in Man and Rat Takao Akaishi Niigata University
9138 Molecular Mechanisms of Salt Reception in Insect Hiromasa Kijima Nagoya University
9139 Salt Intake, Nutrition and Health Status on Tongan Adults in the Process of Urbanization Takeo Ouchi Kanagawa Prefectural Junior College of Nutrition
9140 Effect of Minor Components in Artificial Seawater on the Taste of Bivalves Shinya Fuke Tokyo Gakugei University
9141 Stabilization and Color Variation of Anthocyanins with Inorganic Salts Kumi Yoshida Sugiyama Jogakuen University
9142 Dehydration of Vegetables in Saline Solution (Continuation) Rheological Properties of Daikon in Saline Solution Fujiyo Otsubo Nagasaki Women's Junior College
9143 Effects of pH and Salt Concentration on the Heat-Induces Gelation and Increase in Viscosity of Food Protein Solution Naofumi Kitabatake Kyoto University
9144 Effect of Salting on Fish Meat Texture Haruhiko Toyohara Kyoto University
9145 Studies on Thermal Gelation of Fish Muscle Pastes by Ultrasonication and Its Desalting-Aggregation Properties Takeshi Taguchi Tokyo University of Fisheries
9146 Effect of Salt on Heat-Induced Gelation of Food Proteins Shigeru Hayakawa Kagawa University