Grants list for fisical 1989

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
8901 Studies on Falling Film Evaporation Shigeki Toyama Nagoya University
8902 Selective Adsorption of Trace Components in Seawater with Synthetic Inorganic Ion Exchangers Mitsuo Abe Tokyo Institute of Technology
8903 Study of Scale Removal with Charged Membranes Shin-Ichi Nakao University of Tokyo
8904 Reactive Crystallization in the Recovery of Dissolved Resources in Seawater Hideki Tsuge Keio University
8905 The Research of Correlation between Ecology and Environmental Control System in Sea-Coast Shu Funada Sakusin Gakuin University
8906 The Movement of Red Tide Components in Electrodialysis using Ion Exchange Membranes Makoto Kogure Showa College of Pharmaceutical Sciences
8907 Development of Potassium and Bromide Ions Memorized Inorganic Ion-Exchagers Takashi Suzuki Yamanashi University
8908 Crystallization of Sodium Chloride Shoji Yamashita Nagoya University
8909 Ecological Survey of Halophilic Bacteria of Saltworks and Salted Foods Hiroshi Onishi Nagoya University
8910 Development of Artificial Medium for Oceanic Phytoplankton Kaori Ohki Okazaki National Research Institutes
8911 Study on Salt Tolerance Mechanism of Halophytes Shigeru Kato Tokyo University of Agriculture
8912 Study on the Salinity Tolerance of Mangroves Kazutoshi Yabuki University of Osaka Prefecture
8913 Mechanisms and Regulation of NaCl Transport in the Renal Tubules Masashi Imai Jichi Medical School
8914 The Nutritional Physiological Studies on Taste Preference for Salt Shuichi Kimura Tohoku University
8915 Role of Salt Intake in Exercise-Training Induced Hypervolemia Taketoshi Morimoto Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
8916 Effect of High Sodium Intake on the Calcium Metabolism Masashige Suzuki University of Tsukuba
8917 Role of Osmosensitive Neurons in the Lateral Preoptic Area for the Central Mechanisms of Thirst Toshimasa Osaka University of Occupational and Environmental Health
8918 Study on the Role of Thyroid Hormone in Regulating the Serum Sodium, Plasma Osmolarity and Plasma Vasopressin Levels Kiyoshi Tanaka Shizuoka General Hospital
8919 Effects of Increased Sodium Appetite on Neural Activities in the Gustatory Cortex of Monkeys during the Salt-Water Discrimination GO-NOGO Task Hisashi Ogawa Kumamoto University
8920 Behavioral and Physiological Aspects Spontaneous Salt Intake in Mice Exposed to Various Environmental Conditions Tsuguyoshi Suzuki University of Tokyo
8921 Investigation of Clinical Case Study of Abnormality of Tastes (Hypogeusia) and Biological Test Sodium and Chloride Ions in Body Fluids (Serum, Urine and Saliva) and Expired Air and of Threshold Levels of Carbohydrate and Fat Metabolites within Administration of Salt Yasuyuki Futatsugi Shinshu University
8922 Mechanism for Permeation of Sodium Chloride into Food Atsuko Shimada Ochanomizu University
8923 Experimental Studies on the Reasonable Ranges of the Salting Quality of Pickles Yasuhiko Maeda Utsunomiya University
8924 Suppressive Effect of Sodium Chloride on the Deterioration of Minced Fish Meat during Storage Kazuko Oba Nagoya Women's University
8925 Effect of Salts on the Hardness of Cooked Beans 1 Yasuhiko Nakamura Kagoshima University
8926 Studies on Permeation Mechanism of Salt into Food during Heat-Seasoning Eiko Arai Tokyo Gakugei University
8927 Effect of Divalent Cation on Crisp Palatability of Pickles and Its Mechanism Kentaro Kaneko Koriyama Women's Junior College
8928 Effects of Salt on the Cooking Qualities of Rice Seiko Naganuma Akita University
8929 Sensory Evaluation of Some Commercial Dietary Salts Kaoru Kawashima Saitama University
8930 Effect of Sodium Chloride on the Formation of Wheat Gluten Reiko Mizutani Suzuka Junior College