Grants list for fisical 1996

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
9601 Control of Surface Structure of Sodium Chloride Crystals Masaaki Yokota Iwate University
9602 In situ Observation of the Bihavior and Growth of NaCl Crystal Kenji Shimizu Iwate University
9603 Development of Measuring Method for Crystal Shape using Super High Speed Real-Time Image Processing System in the Crystallization Tank Mitsuo Kamiwano Yokohama National University
9604 Analysis of Residual Stresses in Stainless Steel Clad Piping Used in Salt Plant and Methodology for Reducing the Tensile Residual Stress Mikio Takemoto Aoyama Gakuin University
9605 Prevention of the Crevice Corrosion for the Large Flange of the Salt Manufacturing Plant by Inserting an Insoluble Anode Shigeo Tsujikawa University of Tokyo
9606 A Study on Improvement of Heat Resistance of FRP for Salt Water Condition Ken Tsuda Tokyo Institute of Technology
9607 Development of Analytical Method for All Trace Elements in Seawater and Solar Seawater Salt Hiroki Haraguchi Nagoya University
9608 Development of High Performance Sodium Ion Optodes for Medical Applications Koji Suzuki Keio University
9609 Mg 2+-Sensing System using DNA Networks Mizuo Maeda Kyushu University
9610 A Fundamental Study on an Acid-Base Product Ion Process by Water Splitting in Bipolar Membranes Manabu Seno Nihon University
9611 Study on Acid-Base Production Utilizing Water Splitting Properties of Bipolar Membrane Akira Yamauchi Kyushu University
9612 Studies on Deicing Salts Toshiaki Hatsusika Yamanashi University
9613 Basic Studies and Trials of Teaching Materials with the Salt Manufacture by Earthernware and the Salt Crystal Growth Katuhiro Yamamoto Osaka Prefectural Education Center
9614 Control of Selectivity for Metal Ions by Adding Salts in the Extraction with Calixarene Compounds and Development of Novel Separation System for Metals Katsutoshi Inoue Saga University
9615 Gentle Recovery of Lithium Ions from Sea Water for Protection of Environment Mitsuo Abe Tsuruoka National College of Technology
9616 Effects and Evaluation on Absorption of Carbon Dioxide by Sea Water Toshinori Kojima Seikei University
9617 Environmental Study to Improve Salt Affected Land for Use as Agricultural Land with Polder System Michihiro Hara Iwate University
9618 Agricultural Land and Production Environment Improvement in Salt Affected Area Makoto Anase Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
9619 The Application of pF-Soil Water Moisture Curve to Dry-Sodic Soil Reclamation Project Rokuro Yasutomi Tokyo University of AgricuIture
9620 The Effect of Sea Water on Planting of Mangrove Tree Species, Bruguiera gymnorrhiza Seeding Tsuneo Nakasuga University of the Ryukyus
9621 Study on Salt Tolerance in Transgenic Rice with the Gene for Choline Oxidase Norio Murata National Institute for Basic Biology
9622 Salt-Responding Genes in Wheat Tetsuo Sasakuma Yokohama City University
9623 Characterization of High Affinity Na+ K+ Transporter Gene from Higher Plants Nobuyuki Uozumi Nagoya University
9624 Effects of Nutrient Limitation and Salt Osmotic Shock on the ABA level in Halotolerant and Acidophilic-Halotolerant Green Algae Noriko Tominaga Ochanomizu University
9625 Adaptation Mechanism to Salt Stress in a Protozoan, Euglena gracilis Kazutaka Miyatake Osaka Prefecture University
9626 Actin-Regulating Protein P66, Induced by Salt Stress Kimiko Murakami-Murofushi Ochanomizu University
9627 Expression of Salt-Tolerance Induced by Osmotic Stress in Non-Halophilic Bacteria, Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis Akio Ishida Kumamoto University
9628 Changes in Adaptive Morphology of Scyphozoans in Varying Concentration of Salinity Yoshiko Kakinuma Kagoshima University
9629 The Effects of Salt on the Stability of the Light-Driven Chloride Pump Yasuo Sugiyama Nagoya University
9630 A Chloride Ion Pump (Cl- pump) in Brain and Kidney Chiyoko Inagaki Kansai Medical University
9631 The Relation of Chloride Channels and Cytoprotective Mechanism in Gastrointestinal Cells Hideki Sakai Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University
9632 Analysis of Intracellular Calcium Signaling Pathway by Substance P in Isolated Crypt Cells from Guinea Pig Distal Colon Atsukazu Kuwahara University of Shizuoka
9633 Analysis on the Regulatory Mechanism of Chloride Transport in the Ascending Thin Limb of Henle's Loop Yoshiaki Kondo Tohoku University
9634 Regulation and an Important Role of Na+ /Myo-Inositol Cotransporter in the Kidney Atsushi Yamauchi Osaka University
9635 Mechanism of Human Renal Sodium Dependent Phosphate Transporter Gene Expression Regulated by Inorganic Phosphate Eiji Takeda Tokushima University
9636 The Molecular Mechanisms of Na+ -Coupling of Na+ /Amino Acid CO-Transporters Yoshikatsu Kanai Kyorin University
9637 Targeting of Sodium Pumps to Basolateral Membranes in Polarized Cells -Analysis of β-Subunit Chimeras- Masaru Kawamura University of Occupational and Environmental Health
9638 Generation of Mice that Overexpress or Lack Natriuretic Peptide Family and Its Significance in the Regulation of Salt Metabolism Kazuwa Nakao Kyoto University
9639 Effects of Natriuretic Polypeptides and Sodium-Related Peptides on the Hypothalamic Neurosecretory Neurons: Molecular and Physiological Aspects Hiroshi Yamashita University of Occupational and Environmental Health
9640 Trial to Clone a pH-Sensing Receptor -Cloning of a Receptor Expressed Only a Differentiated Renal Tubular Cells- Makoto Suzuki Jichi Medical School
9641 Mineralocorticoid Receptor in the Brain Distribution and Its Significance Mitsuhiro Kawata Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
9642 Structure and Function of Aquaporin Water Channel Michio Kuwahara Tokyo Medical and Dental University
9643 Attenuated Acetylcholine-Relaxation due to Intracellular Alkalinization in Salt-Sensitive Hypertension Toshiro Fujita University of Tokyo
9644 Comparative Ten-Year Follow-Up Study on the Genesis of Hypertension in Nepal Terukazu Kawasaki Kyushu University
9645 Characteristics of Elements in Salt-Their Effects on Human Health Momoko Chiba Juntendo University
9646 Effects of Bathing on Concentration of Minerals in Sea Water Tomihiro Shimizu Joetsu University of Education
9647 Mechanisms of Additive Effects of Salt on Bactericidal Action of Ethanol Michiko Beppu Tokyo Kasei Gakuen University
9648 Taste Behavior of Ornithyltaurine, a Salty Peptide, and an Attempt to Synthesis of a New NaCl Substitute Kozo Nakamura Hiroshima University
9649 Effect of Metal Salts on Fractal Structure of Protein Aggregate Gels and Their Elastic Behavior Kozo Nakamura University of Tokyo
9650 Effect of Salts on the High Pressure Inactivations of Protein and Microorganism Rikimaru Hayashi Kyoto University
9651 Accumulation of Lactic Acid by Bacteria during Fermentation of Squid Shiokara Tateo Fujii Tokyo University of Fisheries
9652 Structural Principles of a Halophilic Enzyme, Thermolysin, and Molecular Aspects of the Enzymatic Function Kunio Inouye Kyoto University
9653 On Halophilic Non-Sporeforming Anaerobic Gram Negative Rods in Sea Fish and Shell-Fishes -Haloanaerobium butyricum sp. nov. , a Halophilic Anaerobic Bacteria- Toyoko Kobayashi Tokai Gakuen Women's College
9654 The Influence of Different Levels of Dietray Salt on the Growth and Physiological Function of Rainbow Trout and Japanese Flounder Toshio Takeuchi Tokyo University of Fisheries