Grants list for fisical 2008

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
0801 Study on Superheated Steam Drying Combined with Microwave Heating of Porous Material Containing NaCl Aqueous Solution Hiroyuki Iyota Osaka City University
0802 States of Ions in Aqueous Solutions and Stability of Water Molecules Hydrated to Ions Studied by Computational Methods Takao Oi Sophia University
0803 Selective Separation of Lithium Ion by Self-Assembled Complexes Shoichi Katsuta Chiba University
0804 Functional Mechanisms of Anti-Caking Agents for NaCl Hitoshi Shindo Chuo University
0805 Development of Sea Water Filtration System using Membranes of Biomass Plastics Takaaki Tanaka Niigata University
0806 Development of Nanoporous Ceramic Membranes and Improved Rejection by Control of Surface Chemistry Toshinori Tsuru Hiroshima University
0807 Growth of Photocatalytic Crystals from a NaCl Flux and Their Application Katsuya Teshima Shinshu University
0808 Development of Highly Efficient “Nigari” Based Precipitator for Wasted Waters Haruhiko Toyohara Kyoto University
0809 Study on Effect of Deicer on the Durability of Concrete Shunsuke Hanehara Iwate University
0810 Hydrophilic Matrix Composite Ion-Exchange Membranes with Low Resistance and High Permselectivity Mitsuru Higa Yamaguchi University
0811 Development of Highly Sensitive Method for the Determination of Novel Organoborane Antifoulant and Determination of Its Degradation Ratio Keiichi Fukushi Kobe University
0812 Highly-Sensitive Raman Spectroscopy using Sodium Chloride and Related Salts Masayuki Futamata Saitama University
0813 Improvement of Suspension Density and Scale-Up of a Continuous Sodium Chloride Crystallizer Ryuta Misumi Yokohama National University
0814 Evaluation of Hydrogen Absorption Behavior of High Corrosion-Resisted Alloys in Salt Water Ken’ichi Yokoyama Kyushu Institute of Technology
0815 Prevention of the Problem Behaviors Including Tail-Biting in Pigs by Mineral Supply and Its Physiological Mechanism Masato Aoyama Utsunomiya University
0816 Relationship between Circadian Clocks and Stress Responses to Salt or Dehydration in Higher Plants: What is the Meaning of Circadian Expression of Genes That are Responsive to Salt- or Dehydration-Stress ? Tomohiro Kiyosue Kagawa University
0817 Analysis of Haloadaptation Mechanisms of DNA/RNA Binding Protein from a Halobacterium Yuichi Koga Osaka University
0818 Analysis of Degradation of Chlorophylls in Marine Photosynthetic Prokaryotes Yoshitaka Saga Kinki University
0819 Effect of Salt Stress on Functional Components of Tomato Fruit: Salt-Induced Changes in Ascorbate Content and Their Interactions to Light and Temperature Conditions Kazufumi Zushi Shokei University
0820 Cloning and Expression of Halotolerant Proteases from Bacillus subtilis Strain FP-133 Shinji Takenaka Kobe University
0822 Studies on Vacuolar Membrane Proton Pumps and Metal-Cation Sensing Proteins Involving in Salt Tolerance in Plants Masayoshi Maeshima Nagoya University
0823 Long Distant Transport of Halotolerant Bacterial Community by Asian Dust Bioaerosol Teruya Maki Kanazawa University
0824 Functional Analysis of Salt-Tolerance-Related PMP3 Gene in the Salt Transport of Crop Plants Shiro Mitsuya Nagoya University
0825 Molecular Basis of Biomimetic Nano-Technology for Controllable Crystallization of Calcium Carbonate Koji Muramoto Tohoku University
0826 Cardiolipin Synthases Are Critical to Survive under High NaCl Concentration in Staphylococcus aureus Kazuya Morikawa University of Tsukuba
0827 A Novel Breeding Method of Sweet Tomato by Utilizing Salt Sensing Signal Molecules Regulating Na+ Transporter Takashi Yuasa Kyushu University
0828 Improvement of Stability and Salt Tolerance of Photosynthesis by Lipid Modification of Extrinsic Proteins Hajime Wada University of Tokyo
0829 A Systematic Epigenetic Analysis on ChIP-on-Chip Method in the Cause of Salt Sensitivity High Blood Pressure and Case-Control Study about the Risk Factor Takahiro Arima Tohoku University
0830 Elucidation of Regulatory Mechanism and Physiological Role of Magnesium Channel in Renal Epithelial Cells Akira Ikari University of Shizuoka
0831 Elucidation of Roles of NCX/TRPC Coupling in Vascular Spasm and Its Applications Takahiro Iwamoto Fukuoka University
0832 Regulation of WNK4-OSR1/SPAK-NCC Cascade by Dietary Sodium Intake Shinichi Uchida Tokyo Medical and Dental University
0833 Molecular and Pathophysiological Analyses of Extracellular Calcium-Sensing Receptor in Renal Tubular Acid-Base Transport and Urinary Tract Calcinosis Yoshiaki Kondo Tohoku University
0834 The Analysis of Physiological Roles of Ghrelin in Salt Sensitive Hypertension Takahiro Sato Kurume University
0835 The Effects of Dietary Sodium Reduction and Diuretics on Salt-Sensitive Hypertensive Patients - A Possibility of Individualized Therapy based on G-Protein Coupled Receptor Kinasa 4 Gene Polymorphisms - Hironobu Sanada Fukushima Welfare Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives
0836 Identification of Calcineurin as a Novel Interacting Protein for the Na+/H+ Exchanger NHE1 and Its Functional Analysis Takashi Hisamitsu National Cardiovascular Center
0837 Mechanisms of ENaC Life Time Regulated by Protease Yoshinori Marunaka Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
0838 Control of Vasopressin Permeability across Blood Vessels by Proteases Seiji Miyata Kyoto Institute of Technology
0839 Roles of Sodium-Calcium Exchanger in Lens Development and Cataractogenesis Satoshi Mohri Kawasaki Medical School
0840 Identification and Functional Analysis of Novel Bioactive Peptides Regulating Salt and Water Homeostasis Hideki Yamaguchi University of Miyazaki
0841 The Study of Neuronal Networks Response to Water Homeostasis Emergency Akihiro Yamanaka National Institute of Physiological Sciences
0842 Effect of the Counter-Ion Form of Acidic Polymer on Its Degradation in Subcritical Water Shuji Adachi Kyoto University
0843 Timing of Salt Intake from Circadian Aspect Hideaki Oike National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
0844 Elucidation of the Role of Aquaporins in the Regulation of the Osmolality of Gastrointestinal Contents Shinji Okada University of Tokyo
0845 Effect of Mineral-Salts on Flavor Release from Food Sachiko Odake Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
0846 Study on the Regulation of Gene Expression of an Intestinal Calcium Transporter Ryuichiro Sato University of Tokyo
0847 Enhancement of Intestinal Absorption of Lipophilic Compounds by Archaeal Membrane Lipids Tatsuya Sugawara Kyoto University
0848 The Salt Intake Raises the Blood Triacylglycerol Concentration after the Diet Tsuyoshi Tsuduki Tohoku University
0849 Effect of Added Salts on High Pressure Inactivation of Escherichia coli Tomoyuki Fujii Tohoku University