Grants list for fisical 2002

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
0201 Feasibility Study on Localized Corrosion Monitoring using Potential Noise Analysis in Salt Manufacturing Plants Hiroyuki Inoue Osaka Prefecture University
0202 Research on the Desalination Mechanism in the Electrically Regenerative Deionization Process Kazutoshi Iwamoto Tokai University
0203 Prompt and Accurate Determination of Sodium in Concentrated Sea Water by Flow Injection Analysis using Catalytic Decomposition of Chelate-Chromoionophore Nobuo Uehara Utsunomiya University
0204 A Novel Strategy for Improving Selectivity in Ion-Exchange Separation through Studying the Hydration of Counter Ions Tetsuo Okada Tokyo Institute of Technology
0205 Dissolution and Crystallization of Carbonate using CO2 Micro Bubbles Kaoru Onoe Chiba Institute of Technology
0206 Development of a Method of Numerically Analyzing the Crystallization Flow Field for the Production of High Quality Crystals in a Stirred Vessel Meguru Kaminoyama Yokohama National University
0207 Enhancement of Falling Film Evaporation by Superhydrophilic Photocatalyst Yasuyuki Takata Kyushu University
0208 New Interpretation of NaCl Crystal Growth Rate for Operation and Desigh of Multiparticle Crystallizers Hiroshi Takiyama Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
0209 Risk-Management Study of Trace Elements in Deep-Sea Water and Salt Products using the Non-Destructitve PIXE Method Masamichi Tsuji Tokyo Institute of Technology
0210 Evaluation of Saltiness using Taste Sensor Kiyoshi Toko Kyushu University
0211 Investigation of Fouling Mechanism and Development of Anti-Fouling Processes in Membrane Desalination System Shin-ichi Nakao University of Tokyo
0212 Temperature-Responsive Cation-Exchange Membranes Prepared by Graft Polymerization of N-Isopropylacrylamide and Poly (Vinyl alcohol) Mitsuru Higa Yamaguchi University
0213 Design and Development of Pore-Filling Type Ion-Exchange Membranes for Electro Dialysis Takeo Yamaguchi University of Tokyo
0214 A Method for Predicting of Cavitation Erosion-Corrosion Damage in Seawater Akihiro Yabuki Hiroshima University
0215 Material Transports Such as Water, Electrolyte and Non-Electrolyte through the Charged Mosaic Membrane Akira Yamauchi Kyushu University
0216 Development of Salt Production System Based on Highly Concentration of Seawater Shoichiro Yoshida University of Tokyo
0217 Elucidating Mechanisms for Salt Accumulation and Salt Tolerance in the Facultative CAM Halophyte, Mesembryanthemum crystallinum using a Mutant Lacking the Salt Storage Organ, Epidermal Bladder Cells Sakae Agarie Saga University
0218 Screening of Microbial Secondary Metabolites That Act as an Abscisic Acid Mimetic in Plants Kohki Akiyama Osaka Prefecture University
0219 Studies on the Chemical Constituents of Corallinaceous Algae and Other Marine Algae Masami Ishibashi Chiba University
0220 Microbial Environmental Cleaning Activity in Tidal Flat Sediments in Ariake and Yatsusiro Seas Kouichi Ohwada Prefectural University of Kumamoto
0221 Degradation of Antifouling Booster Biocides Evaluated with Bioassay Hideo Okamura Kobe University of Mercantile Marine
0222 Development of Protoplast Culture System of Recalcitrant Mangrove Trees Hamako Sasamoto Yokohama National University
0223 Anthropogenic Perturbations of N, P and Si Cycles and Its Impacts on Primary Production in Coastal Waters Shigenobu Takeda University of Tokyo
0224 Isolation of Microorganisms Capable of Attaching Tightly on Solid Surfaces in Saline Solution and Utilization of Their Products Masahito Taya Osaka University
0225 New Application of Halophilic Bacteria: Molecular Characterization of Xenobiotic Resistance of Halophilic Bacteria Masao Tokunaga Kagoshima University
0226 Effect of Human Activity on Salinization of the Lake Bosten in Xinjiang, China Hideki Nagashima Tokyo University of Fisheries
0227 Growth Inhibition of Heterosigma akashiwo and Prorocentrum minimum by the Substances Released from Ulva sp . Michio Namikoshi Tokyo University of Fisheries
0228 A Study on Defense of Red Tide by Ultraviolet Rays Hiroto Maeda Kagoshima University
0229 Structural Analysis of Antiangiogenic Algal Polysaccharide, and the Relationship between the Structure and Biological Function Kiminori Matsubara Okayama Prefectural University
0230 Stress-Response Mechanism by Osmoprotectants in Plants under Saline Condition and Their Application to Agricultural Production Sunao Yamazaki Nagasaki University
0231 Development of Salt-Tolerant Plant and Its Application to High Salinity Soil Shinjiro Yamamoto Sojo University
0232 Involvement of Altered Tubuloglomerular Feedback System in the Renal Injury during the Development of Salt-Induced Hypertension Youichi Abe Kagawa Medical University
0233 Role of Na+ /Ca2+ Exchanger Type 1 in the Development and Maintenance of Salt-Sensitive Hypertension Takahiro Iwamoto National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
0234 Mechanisms Underlying Anti-Stress Effects of Salt Loading Tatsushi Onaka Jichi Medical School
0235 Regional Differences in End-Stage Renal Disease and Amount of Salt Intake in Japan Genjiro Kimura Nagoya City University
0236 Identification of a Site Involved in the Block by Extracellular Mg2+ and Ba2+ as Well as Permeation of K+ in Kir2.1 K+ Channel Yoshihiro Kubo Tokyo Medical and Dental University
0237 Molecular Profile of Chloride Channel Specifically Localized in Macula Densa Cells Hisato Sakamoto Kitasato University
0238 Involvement of Salt-Inducible Kinase (SIK) Family Enzymes in Diabetes and Hypertension Hiroshi Takemori Osaka University
0239 Salt-Sensitive Hypertension and Cerebral Circulation in Gene-Mutant Mouse and Genetically Stroke Rat Takanori Noguchi RIKEN
0240 Adaptive Regulation of Vesicular Glutamate Transporter (DNPI) Gene Expression in Vasopressinergic Neurons to Salt Intake - The Self-Regulation of Hormone Secretion by Intrinsic Glutamate - Setsuji Hisano University of Tsukuba
0241 Roles of Ca2+ and Cl- in Na+ Transport and Clearance of Lung Fluid in Fetal Lung Yoshinori Marunaka Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
0242 Functional Studies on the Role of Natriuretic Peptides in the Regulation and Maintenance of Renal Homeostasis - Protective Role in Renal Injury and Remodeling - Masashi Mukoyama Kyoto University
0243 Modulation of Ion Selectivity in the Proximal Tubule Paracellular Shunt Pathway by Claudin-2 Shigeaki Muto Jichi Medical School
0244 Analyses of Salt Appetite with Behavioral and Electrophysiological Methods Takashi Yamamoto Osaka University
0245 Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Sodium Reception in the Brain Eiji Watanabe Okazaki National Research Institute
0246 Precise Investigation of Salt Effect on Solubility of Seed Storage Proteins Shigeru Utsumi Kyoto University
0247 Flavor Formation of Cucumber and Bitter Gourd by Salt-Squeezing Process Michiko Kawakami Ibaraki Christian University
0248 Neurophysiological Analysis of the Taste and Lingual Trigeminal Nerves Responses to Various Grade of Edible Salts (Purified NaCl, Nami-en, Funsai-en, and Dried Deep Sea Water ) in Rats Michio Komai Tohoku University
0249 Highly Sensitive and Easy Procedure to Detect Contaminated Halophiles in Food Products containing Natural Salt by Polymerase Chain Reaction Hiroaki Terato Hiroshima University
0250 The Effects of Minerals Contained in Salt on the Taste and Elasticity of Kamaboko Fujio Nishioka Tokyo University of Agriculture
0251 Sensory Evaluation of Melanoidins on Basic Taste with or without Salt Fumitaka Hayase Meiji University
0252 Spectroscopy Studies for the Microelement Ions Weights in the Solid State of NaCl-Foods Hideo Fujita Kyoto University
0253 Basic Research towards Improvement in the Salt Tolerance of Yeasts Tatsuya Maeda University of Tokyo
0254 Preparation and Utilization of a New Tasty Functional Low-Salt Miso using Neurospora intermedia Masako Matsuo Gifu Women's University
0255 Limiting Partition Coefficient of Salts and Its Dependence on Solute-Solute Interactions in Progressive Freeze-Concentration Osato Miyawaki University of Tokyo