Grants list for fisical 2001

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
0101 Preparation of Comb-Type Grafted N-Isopropylacrylamide Hydrogel Beads and Their Application for Size-Selective Separation Media Masahiko Annaka Chiba University
0102 Preparation of Anion Exchange Paper Membrane for Treating Radioactive Waste and Evaluation of Ion Transport Characteristics Hiroyoshi Inoue Kurume University
0103 Research on the Desalination Mechanism in the Electrically Regenerative Deionization Process Kazutoshi Iwamoto Tokai University
0104 Growth of Functional Oxide Single Crystals from a Sodium Chloride Flux Shuji Oishi Shinshu University
0105 Utilization of Fossil Seawater Component in Organic Synthesis Masahito Ochiai Tokushima University
0106 Optimized Preferential Grain Orientation of Sodium Ion Conductive Ceramics Akira Kishimoto University of Tokyo
0107 New Polymeric Adsorbents Prepared by Surface Template Polymerization for the Highly Selective Adsorption of Li(I) in Sea Water Akihiro Sakoguchi Sojo University
0108 Physico-Chemical Properties of Alkali Halide Surfaces Hitoshi Shindo Chuo University
0109 Distribution Pattern Analysis of Selenium and Other Minor Elements in Deep Seawater and Salts using Chemical-Concentration and Micro PIXEs Masamichi Tsuji Tokyo Institute of Technology
0110 Permeation Properties of Electrolyte Solutions through Titania and Titanium Phosphorus Oxide Membranes Toshinori Tsuru Hiroshima University
0111 Evaluation of Saltiness using Taste Sensor Kiyoshi Toko Kyushu University
0112 Nucleation Phenomena of Sodium Chloride Crystals by Antisolvent Crystallization Izumi Hirasawa Waseda University
0113 Highly Sensitive Determination of Nitrite and Nitrate in Seawater by Capillary Zone Electrophoresis Keiichi Fukushi Kobe University of Mercantile Marine
0114 Proposal of a New Evaluation Method of RO Performance using Dialysis Kensaku Mizoguchi Shizuoka University
0115 Preparation of Porous Carbon-TiO2 Composite Photocatalyst from an Ion Exchanged Resin Akinori Muto Okayama University
0116 Rapid Multielement Determination of Trace Elements in Common Salts by ICP-AES after Coprecipitation Preconcentration with Magnesium in the Salt Tomoki Yabutani Tokushima University
0117 Study on Estimation of Charged Mosaic Membrane Performance Akira Yamauchi Kyushu University
0118 Development of Salt Production System Based on Highly Concentration of Seawater Shoichiro Yoshida University of Tokyo
0119 Ecological Studies on Development of Diagnostic Guideline of Isoyake Yukio Agatsuma Tohoku University
0120 Genetic and Biochemical Studies on Mechanisms for Salt Accumulation and Tolerance in the Facultative CAM Halophyte, Mesembryanthemum crystallinum Sakae Agarie Saga University
0121 Salt Tolerance and Energy Metabolism in Cultured Mangrove Cells Hiroshi Ashihara Ochanomizu University
0122 Recovery of Ocean Pollutants with Bio-Concentration (Ecosystem) Kohji Ishihara Kyoto University of Education
0123 Analysis of PSII Quantum Yield of Spinach Grown Hydroponically in a High Concentration of NaCl using Chlorophyll Fluorescence Yasuomi Ibaraki Yamaguchi University
0124 The Molecular Characterization and Cloning of Mannitol-1-phosphate Dehydrogenase That Contributes to the Salt Tolerance in Plants Koji Iwamoto University of Tsukuba
0125 Hydrogen Generation by Halophilic Photosynthetic Bacterium and Its Application Mikio Kataoka Nara Institute of Science and Technology
0126 Phytoremediation of N and P Salts in Soils and Wastewater with High-Performance Transgenic Plants Shigeru Satoh Tohoku University
0127 Ice Algal Community in High Saline Brine of Sea Ice Satoru Taguchi Soka University
0128 Halophilic and Thermo-Stable Enzymes from Halophilic Bacteria Masao Tokunaga Kagoshima University
0129 Effect of Human Activity on Salinization of the Lake Bosten in Xinjiang, China Hideki Nagashima Tokyo University of Fisheries
0130 Nutrient Enrichment of Marine Microalgal Cells by Utilizing CO2 and Their Prevention of Marine Environment Hideo Hatate Miyazaki University
0131 Development for Monitoring and Concentrated Separation of Endocrine Disruptors in Sea Water by Pervaporation Method - Concentration and Separation of Dioxin and Agricultural Chemicals Akon Higuchi Seikei University
0132 Structural Analysis of the Halophilic Enzyme Which Requires a High Ionic Strength for Its Stability and Activity Taketomo Fujiwara Shizuoka University
0133 Screening of Antiangiogenic Polysaccharides from Marine Algae and the Mechanism Inhibitory Effect Kiminori Matsubara Okayama Prefectural University
0134 Study on the Subsurface Irrigation at Salt Affected Soils in Northeast Region of Thailand Machito Mihara Tokyo University of Agriculture
0135 Molecular Evolution of Mangrin Akiyo Yamada Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
0136 Study on Preparation of Nutrient-Fortified Pleurochrysis carterae (Uptake and Physiological Function of Vitamin B12 in Pleurochrysis carterae) Fumio Watanabe Kochi Women's University
0137 Elucidation of the Molecular Mechanism Underlying Insulin Resistance Related to Salt-Sensitive Hypertension Tomoichiro Asano University of Tokyo
0138 Identification of the Common Osmosensor in the Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cell Tatsuya Ingi Niigata University
0139 Nutritional Survey on Japanese Elite Elderly Athletes Shigeru Katsuta East Asia University
0140 Independent Regulation of the Basolateral K+ Recycling and K+ Secretion in the Renal Collecting Duct Yoshiro Suzuki Tokyo Institute of Technology
0141 The Mechanism of the Activation of Sodium Channel by Serine Protease and the Regulation of Prostasin Kimio Tomita Kumamoto University
0142 Brain-Tissue nNOS Activities and nNOS Immunohistochemical Reactivities in Dahl Salt Hypertensive Rats Yasuhiro Nishida National Defense Medical College
0143 Roles of Ion Transport in Clearance of Lung Fluid in Fetal Lung Yoshinori Marunaka Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
0144 Effects of Different Concentrations of Dietary Salt on Beneficial Effect of Light, Long-Term Exercise and Food Restriction in Genetically Diabetic Rats with a Disrupted Cholecystokin in a Receptor Gene Kyoko Miyasaka Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology
0145 Cell Volume Regulation by P-Glycoprotein in Mouse Proximal Tubule Shigeaki Muto Jichi Medical School
0146 Detection of Central Activation by Manganese Ion Contrasted T1 - Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Rats Hironobu Morita Gifu University
0147 The Molecular Mechanism of Ouabain-Evoked Inhibition of Synthesis of Melatonin, a Biological Rhythm-Producing Hormone, in Mammalian Pineal Glands Yoshinori Moriyama Okayama University
0148 The Elucidation of the Roles of GABA in the Control of Blood Pressure: Analysis using Genetically Engineered Mice Yuchio Yanagawa Okazaki National Research Institutes
0149 Verification of Modulator Effects of Cystatins in Food Processing using Proteases at High Salt Concentrations Keiko Abe University of Tokyo
0150 Comparison of the Salt Effect on the Activity of Metalloproteinases from Human and Bacillus thermoproteolyticus and Its Application to Food Science< Kuniyo Inouye Kyoto University
0151 Effect of Salt on Generation of Odor and Taste of Foods Due to Lipid Oxidation Toshiaki Ohshima Tokyo University of Fisheries
0152 Mechanism for the Suppressive Effect of Salts on Ascorbate Oxidase Activity of Vegetables Kazuko Oba Nagoya Women's University
0153 Study in the Population of Halophilic Bacteria in Suku-Garasu (Salted Fries of Siganus fuscens ) Made in Okinawa Takashi Kuda Ishikawa Agricultural College
0154 Effect of Deep Seawater-Salt on the Formation of Network Structure Involved in the Texture Properties of the Kamaboko Gel Satoshi Kubota Kochi University
0155 Importance of Sodium Chloride on Taste of Foods - Enhancing Effects of Sodium Chloride on Tastes of Amino Acids and Umami Substances - Kenzo Kurihara Aomori University
0156 Addition of NaCl May Suppress the Formation of Lipid Peroxidation Derived Toxic Aldehydes, 4-Hydroxyalkenals in Stored Meats Tadashi Sakai Miyazaki University
0157 Effects of Deep Seawater and Its Salt on Food Quality in Food Processing ( 2 ) Masayoshi Sawamura Kochi University
0158 Inhibition of Food-Allergic Reactions by NaCl Toshiyuki Toyosaki Koran Women's Junior College
0159 The Methods of Preservation of Shredded Vegetables using Deep Seawaters: The Preventive Effects against Decomposition Takeshi Nagai National Fisheries University
0160 Influence of Ingestion Frequency of Processed Food on Discriminating Ability of Saltiness Keiko Nakamura Fukushima University
0161 Study for Sodium Content in Enteral Diets Atsushi Hiraide Osaka University
0162 Development and Utilization of Ultra-Low-Salted Miso by Neurospora intermedia Masako Matsuo Gifu Women's University
0163 Effects of Transition Metals on the Early Stage of Maillard Reaction during Food Processing Hirohito Watanabe Meiji University