Grants list for fisical 2004

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
0401 Development of Photochemical Organic Synthesis using Carbonate in Sea Water Yutaka Amao Oita University
0402 Development of Novel Filtering System with Thermo-Sensitive Porous Membrane Shigetoshi Ichimura Kanagawa Institute of Technology
0403 Enhancement of Ion-Exchange Selectivity Based on Evaluation of Ion-Exchange Equilibiria Taking Place in Interfacial Nanospace Tetsuo Okada Tokyo Institute of Technology
0404 Investigation of Fouling Mechanism and Development of Anti-Fouling Processes in Ion-Exchange Membrane Salt-Production System Izuru Kakuta Ishinomaki-Senshu University
0405 Atomistic Mechanisms of Habit Modification of Alkali Halide Crystals. 2 Cases of NaCl Tube Whiskers Hitoshi Shindo Chuo University
0406 Corrosion Monitoring and Contamination Mitigation in Salt Producing Plant by Optical Fiber Acoustic Emission Monitoring System Mikio Takemoto Aoyama Gakuin University
0407 Study for Effect of a Higher-Order Field on Ionic Transport across a Membrane (Ⅱ) Akihiko Tanioka Tokyo Institute of Technology
0408 Fundamental Research about the Development of Monitoring Technique of Inorganic Composition of Concentrated-Seawater by Near Infrared Spectroscopy Jie Yu Chen Akita Prefectural University
0409 Production of Hybrid Crystal of Salt/the Amino Acid from Amino Acid Containing Salt Aqueous Solution Norihito Doki Iwate University
0410 Temperature-Responsive Anion-Exchange Membranes Prepared by Graft Polymerization of N-Isopropylacrylamide and Poly(Vinyl alcohol) Mitsuru Higa Yamaguchi University
0411 Research and Development of an MSMPR Crystallization of NaCl for the Purpose of Purification of Suspended Crystals, 2nd Report Kouji Maeda University of Hyogo
0412 Determination of Trace Metals in Salt by Use of Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry with Gel Collection Koji Matsusaki Yamaguchi University
0413 NMR Studies on the Selectivity of Monovalent Ions onto an Amphoteric Ion Exchanger Yoshinobu Miyazaki Fukuoka University of Education
0414 Automatization of Chemical Methods of Analysis Utilizing Flow Injection System for Promoting the Efficient and Advanced Uses of Seawater Resources Takeshi Yamane University of Yamanashi
0415 Isolation and Characterization of Rhizobacteria Involved in Enhancement of Salt Tolerance of Halophytes Takashi Ozawa Osaka Prefecture University
0416 High Quality Tomato Production by a Suitable Application of the Concentrated Deep Seawater Masaharu Kitano Kochi University
0417 Characterization of a Salt-Inducible Gene in Arabidopsis and Its Functional Analysis using a Micro-Array with the Aim of Plant Molecular Breeding Tomohiro Kiyosue Kagawa University
0418 Development of the New Salinity Tolerance Evaluation Method for Plants using Dielectric Relaxation Spectrum Takashi Shimomachi Nagasaki University
0419 Salt-Tolerant Mechanism of γ-Glutamyltranspeptidase from Bacillus subtilis Hideyuki Suzuki Kyoto University
0420 Molecular Mechanism of Salt- and Osmo-Tolerance in Yeast Kazuo Tatebayashi University of Tokyo
0421 Halophilic Denitrifying Bacteria for High-Rate Denitrification of Saline Industrial Wastewater Satoshi Tsuneda Waseda University
0422 Mechanisms of Iron Uptake in the Growth of Red Tide Algae Kanako Naito Kyoto University
0423 Preliminary Study on Improvement of Nuclear Transformation of Marine Seaweed, Especially Brown Algae Chikako Nagasato Hokkaido University
0424 Organic Ligands Regulating Growth of Microalgae and the Regulation Mechanisms Teruya Maki Kanazawa University
0425 Isolation of Salt Responsive Genes and Characterization of Salt Responsive Mechanism in the Marine Diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum Yusuke Matsuda Kwansei-Gakuin University
0426 Eco-Physiological Study of Novel Epiphytic Cyanobacteria on Marine Red Algae in Awaji Island Akio Murakami Kobe University
0427 Study on the Trace Element Nutrition and Its Protective Effect on the Discoloration of Sea Laver “Nori” Sunao Yamazaki Nagasaki University
0428 Cl- Pump and Its Pathophysiological Changes in the Brain Chiyoko Inagaki Kansai Medical University
0429 Applied Physiology of Vasopressin-eGFP Transgenic Rats to Study Regulation of Sodium and Body Fluid Balance Yoichi Ueta University of Occupational and Environmental Health
0430 The Drosophila Novel Gene, CG15151, Is Required for Salt Preference Kohei Ueno Gunma University
0431 Pathophysiologic Role of Angiotensin II (AII) Type 1 Receptor in Salt-Sensitivity in Obesity-Related Hypertension Yoshihiro Ogawa Tokyo Medical and Dental University
0432 Roles of Neurohypophyseal Hormones in the Control of Stress Responses Following Salt Intake Tatsushi Onaka Jichi Medical School
0433 Ontogenetic Analyses of Calcium Transport System and Calcium-Sensing Receptors in Developing Kidneys Yoshiaki Kondo Tohoku University
0434 Salt Balance via CFTR and Evolution of CFTR Gene in Japanese Satoru Naruse Nagoya University
0435 Interaction between nNOS Neuron- and Ang II Neuron-Mediated Sympathomodulatory Effects in Salt-Sensitive Hypertensive Dahl Rats Yasuhiro Nishida National Defense Medical College
0436 Luminal Na-Independent K Secretion in the Renal Cortical Collecting Duct Shigeaki Muto Jichi Medical School
0437 Isolation of VNC Bacteria by the Medium-Dilution Method Tomoyuki Fujii Niigata University of Pharmacy
0438 Generation of Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria Resisting Sodium Chloride and Their Application to Food Fermentation Keizo Arihara Kitasato University
0439 Studies of Factors of Bittern Components on Salt Palatability Kyoko Ishikawa Akita Prefectural University
0440 Effect of Salts on the Emulsifying Properties of Diacylglycerol in the Presence of Egg Yolk Kyoko Ohashi Showa Women's University
0441 Addition of NaCl May Suppress the Formation of Lipid Peroxidation Derived Toxic Aldehydes, 4-Hydroxyalkenals during Manufacturing Surimi of Fish, Beef and Pork Tadashi Sakai Miyazaki University
0442 Quantitative Analysis of the Antiputrefactive Effect of Salts on the Basis of the Real-Time and Digital Observation of Food Putrefaction Akiyoshi Tanaka Mie University
0443 Salt Preference and Taste Response: Modification by Angiotensin II Yuzo Ninomiya Kyushu University
04C1 Salt Sensitivity of Blood Pressure: Its Basic Entity and Clarification of Definition Genjiro Kimura Nagoya City University