Grants list for fisical 2015

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Grants List

Grant No. Title Researcher Institute PDF
1501 Development of Corrosion Monitoring Method of Reinforced Concrete Due to Salt Agent Splayed for Freezing Prevention Kazuhisa Azumi Hokkaido University
1502 Development of Thermoresponsive Ion-Exchange Material to Obtain Valuable Metals from the Seawater Masaki OKADA Nihon University
1503 Development of Chelating Resin for High-Thoughput Separation of Trace Elements Shigehiro Kagaya University of Toyama
1504 Development of Hollow Fiber Ion Exchange Membrane Having High Ionic Permeability Yuriko Kakihana Kobe University
1505 Environmental and Ecological Impacts of Discharged Effluents from Salt-Making and Desalination Plants and Minimizing These Impacts Izuru Kakuta Ishinomaki Senshu University
1506 Efficient Utilization Method of NaCl Aimed at Microparticulation of Minimal Amount of Poorly-Soluble Drug Kazunori Kadota Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences
1507 Selective Adsorption of Ions by Porous Electrodes Kenji Kiyohara National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technoligy
1508 Study of Resin Lining inSalt Manufacturing Plants Utilizing Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Processing Hiroaki Kobayashi Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology
1509 Effect of Metal Cations on Passive Film Structure and Corrosion Protection Property Masatoshi Sakairi Hokkaido University
1510 Relationship between Performance Deterioration of a Polyamide Reverse Osmosis Membrane Used in a Seawater Desalination Plant and Changes in Its Physicochemical Properties Tasuma Suzuki Yamaguchi University
1511 Development of a Simple and Compact Flurometric Detector and Its Application to Sequential Injection Analysis Yasutada Suzuki University of Yamanashi
1512 Antisolvent Crystallization of Sodium Choloride in Deep Microchannel Reactors Ken-Ichiro Sotowa Tokushima University
1513 Development of Crystallization Technology for Magnesium Resource Recovery from Integrated Process of Salt Production and Seawater Desalination Hiroshi Takiyama Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
1514 Investigation of Carbon Material for Capacitive Deionization Toshiki Tsubota Kyushu Institute of Technology
1515 Development of Characterization of Crystal Surface by Electrokinetic Phenomena and Application for Exploration of Additives for Controlling Crystallization Processes Kazuho Nakamura Yokohama National University
1516 Molecular Modeling of Reverse Osmosis Membranes by Investigating the Microscopic Behaviors of Compositions of Seawater Ryo Nagumo Nagoya Institute of Technology
1517 Effects on Steel Structure with the Increasing of Anti-Freezing Salt Spraying Izumi Noguchi Hokkaido Research Organization
1518 Development of Decentralized Simple Multiple-Effect Evaporator for Liquid Concentration and Distillation Takehiro Nosoko University of the Ryukyus
1519 Working Mechanism on the Salt Scaling of Concrete Shunsuke Hanehara Iwate University
1520 Development of Li Ion Sieves Using NaCl-Based Flux Growth Method Fumitaka Hayashi Shinshu University
1521 Development of Charge Mosaic Membranes with High Ionic Permselectivity and High Mechanical Strength (II): Optimization of Porous Support Layer Structure Mitsuru Higa Yamaguchi University
1522 Highly Sensitive Instrumental Analytical-Method for the Simultaneous Determination of Principal Components in Salts Keiichi Fukushi Kobe University
1523 Recovery and Upgrading of Calcium and Magnesium fron Brine Solution - Synthesis of Carbonate and Hydroxyl Apatite - Masakazu MATSUMOTO Nihon University
1524 Study on Molecular Adsorption and Deliquescent Reaction Processes of Salt Nanocrystals Fuminori Misaizu Tohoku University
1525 Development of Prediction Method of Generation Rate of Crystal Fragments Due to Collision with Impeller Blade in a Stirred Type Crystallizer Ryuta MISUMI Yokohama National University
1526 Effects of Salts on Protein Aggregation and Crystallization Takashi Wakamatsu National Institute of Technology, Ibaraki College
1527 Clarification of Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Abnormal Localization and Novel Physiological Function of Paracellular Magnesium Channel Akira Ikari Gifu Pharmaceutical University
1528 Study of Mineral Sensor System: Phenotype of Tspan8-KO Mice Akihiro Imura Kyoto University
1529 Optogenetic Approach to Regulate Vasopressin Neuron for Breakthrough of a Novel Sodium Water Balance Mechanism Yoichi Ueta University of Occupational and Environmental Health
1530 Individual Salt Sensitivity Index in Daytime or Nighttime Predicts Internal Renin-Angiotensin System Activity, Renal Damage and Nocturnal Hypertension Naro Ohashi Hamamatsu University School of Medicine
1531 Physiological Role of the Two-Pore Domain K+ Channel K2P5.1 in T Cells and Novel Strategy to Regulate K2P5.1 Activity by Pre-mRNA Splicing Inhibition Susumu Ohya Kyoto Pharmaceutical University
1532 Identification of Serine Proteases That Promote the Organ Injuries in the Salt-Sensitive Hypertension Yutaka Kakizoe Kumamoto University
1533 A Maternal High Salt Diet Enhances Salt Sensitivity of Offspring - Effects of Feeding Period and Dietary Sodium Level in Dams on Cardiovascular Function in Offspring - Satomi Kagota Mukogawa Woman's University
1534 Functional Analysis of Magnesium Efflux Transporters Localized to the Plasma Membrane and Intracellular Vesicles Akira Kato Tokyo Institute of Technology
1535 Effects of Magnesium Channel TRPM7 on Zinc Homeostasis Taiho Kambe Kyoto University
1536 Calcium Metabolism Regulated by RANKL/OPG Blance in the Gut Shunsuke Kimura Hokkaido University
1537 The Cells and Logic for Salt Detection in the Zebrafish Olfactory System Tetsuya Koide RIKEN
1538 Effect of Blood Pressure Variability ti Glucose Matabolism in Salt Sensitive Rats Masaya Sakamoto The Jikei University School of Medicine
1539 Pathophysiological Control of Salt-Sensitive Hypertension through the Modulation of Sodium-Dependent Renal Acetylcholine Release Shuji Shimizu National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
1540 The Regulation of Mitochondrial Na+ and Ca2+ Concentration and Pathological Mechanism of Cardiovascular Diseases for Its Abnormality Hideaki Tagashira Fukuoka University
1541 Role of the Inflammasomes in Low Potassium-Induced Inflammation Masafumi Takahashi Jichi Medical University
1542 Neurotransmission of Salty Taste by Heteromeric CALHM1/CALHM3 Channels Akiyuki Taruno Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
1543 Comprehensive Identification of Novel Ca2+ -Signal Transduction Pathways by Interactome Analysis Hiroshi Tokumistu Okayama University
1544 Role of Transferrin Receptor 1 in Salt Sensitive Hypertension Yoshiro Naito Hyogo College of Medicine
1545 Role of Macrophage Mineralocorticoid Receptor in the Pathogenesis and Target Organ Complications of Salt-Sensitive Hypertension Miki NAGASE Juntendo University
1546 Role of Wall Stress-Responsive Cation Channels in the Maturation of Peripheral Blood Vessels Motohiro Nishida National Institute of Natural Sciences
1547 Novel N+ and K+ Chanel Mutations Responsible for Human Cardiac Sudden Death Tomoe Nishitani National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
1548 The Role of KCNMA1 on Insulin Signaling in Mature Adipocytes Makoto Nishizuka Nagoya City University
1549 Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of K+ Dynamics in the Cochlear Spiral Ligament Essential for Auditory System Fumiaki Nin Niigata University
1550 Studies on the Neural Mechanisms for Salt Homeostasis in the Brain Takeshi Y. Hiyama National Institute of Natural Sciences
1551 Elucidation of the Mechanism Involved in Acquisition of Salt Sensitivity in Pressure Overload Via Cardiac Sympathetic Afferents Yoshitaka Hirooka Kyushu University
1552 Blood Pressure Regulation by Mg2+ Transporter MagEx2 Yosuke Funato Osaka University
1553 Analysis of Alternative Splicing Regulated by Ca2+ Signaling Seiji Masuda Kyoto University
1554 The Glycemia Control by a Specific Inhibitor of Vesicular Nucleotide Transporter Takaaki Miyaji Okayama University
1555 Vascular Plasticity and Vasopressin Secretion in the Neurohypophysis Seiji Miyata Kyoto Institute of Technology
1556 Effects of Salts on the Genome Repairing Activity of RNase H2 Kiyoshi Yasukawa Kyoto University
1557 The Role of Amino Acids Metabolism in Whole Body and Gut under Excessive Salt Intake to Control Fluid Balance and Kidney Function Junichi Yatabe Tokyo Women's Medical University
1558 Micro RNA Analysis of Tomato Fruits Cultivated under High Salt Condition Tomiko Asakura The University of Tokyo
1559 Feasibility Study for Decreasing the Dietary Intake of Salt Using the Salt Including the Bittern Componennt Kyoko Ishikawa Akita Prefectural University
1560 Effects of Spirurina on Salt Sesitive Hypertension Yuka Ishihara Saitama Medical University
1561 The Effects of Shift in Salt Palatability on the Masticatory Muscles and Mandibular Morphologies Chizuko Inui-Yamamoto Osaka University
1562 Effect of High-Salt and Low-Salt Conditions on Differentiation of Regulatory T Cells Yoshihiro Okamoto Chiba Institute of Science
1563 The Production of High Healthy Functional Substance from Germinating Bean or Cereal under High Salty Stress Makoto Kanauchi Miyagi University
1564 An Analysis of Mechanism Uderlying Sex Difference of Sensitivity to Additive Salty Taste Induced by Neutralizing a Basic Amino Acid, Arginine Ema Suzuki Japan Women's University
1565 Evaluation Standard on Sensibility (Kansei) and Sensory Evaluation of Salt, and a Generalization Causal Model Study with the Evaluation Language Data - Study of Salt and Taste - Toshiaki Nishi Okayama Shoka University
1566 Analysis of the Taste Difference between Baked Salt and Non-Baked Salt Akira Hanya Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology
1567 Purification and Structural Elucidation of Salty-Taste-Modifying Substances in Food Etsuro Yoshimura The University of Tokyo
1568 Effect of Salt on Activities of Fungal Cell-Wall Lytic Enzymes and Their Application for Preservation of Salt-Containing Food Mamoru Wakayama Ritsumeikan University
1569 Effect of Salt on Umami and Flavor Components in Dashi from Kelp and Dried Bonito Yoshiyuki Watanabe Kinki University