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  Grants List

Year Project Subject of Study Grant No. Researcher Institute PDF
1989-1991 Project of Physical Science and Engineering Fundamental Study for Design of Optimum Conditions Crystallzer and Operation for Sodium Chloride Crystal 89-91A1 Ken Toyokura Waseda University PDF
89-91A2 Yoshio Harano Fukuyama University
89-91A3 Noriaki Kubota Iwate University
1989-1991  Project of Medical Science  Basic Research on Salt Excretory Function of the Kidney and Its Regulatory Mechanisms  89-91B1 Akira Hishida Hamamatsu University School of Medicine - 
89-91B2 Kiyoshi Kurokawa University of Tokyo
89-91B3 Toshiro Fujita University of Tokyo
89-91B4 Mamoru Fujimoto Osaka Medical College
 89-91B5  Syo Yoshida  Chiba University
1990-1991 Project of Food Science Food Scie ntific Study of Salt with Various Inorganic Components 90-91C1 Akiko Kawabata Tokyo University of Agriculture
90C2,91C4 Hisako Tanabe Gifu Women's University
90C3,91C6 Sakie Tamura Hiroshima University
90C4,91C2 Nakako Matsumoto Joshi Eiyo University
90C5,91C3 Nobuhiko Arakawa Ochanomizu University
90C6,91C5 Kazuko Oba Nagoya Women's University
90-91C7 Yasuhiko Maeda Utsunomiya University
1992-1994 Project of Physical Science and Engineering Development of a Resource and Energy - Saving Integrated System for the
Complete Usage of Sea Water
92-94A1 Haruhiko Ohya Yokohama National University -
92-94A2 Takash i Suzuki Yamanashi University -
92-94A3 Shin-ichi Nakao University of Tokyo -
92-94A4 Masamichi Tsuji Tokyo Institute of Technology -
92-94A5 Shigeru Kato Tokyo University of Agriculture -
1992-1994 Project of Medical Science Novel Regulatory Mechanisms for NaCl Absorption and Excretion 92-94B1 Hiroshi Hosomi Kagawa Medical School -
92-94B2 Hironobu Morita Kagawa Medical School -
92-94B3 Toshihiko Ishida Kagawa Medical School -
92-94B4 Yoshiharu Shimomura Nagoya Institute of Technology -
92-94B5 Mamoru Nishimuta National Institute of Health and Nutrition -
1995-1997 Project of Agriculture and Biology Changes of ecosystem by the environments in the coastal zone 95-97A1 Yosio Horibe University of Tokyo
95-97A2 Kuni Ishihara Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
95-97A3 Makoto Kimura Nagoya University
95-97A4 Tomoya Shibayama Yokohama National University
95-97A5 Katsuhiko Matsunaga Hokkaido University
1995-1997 Project of Food Science Food and Human Ecological Study on Relationship on between Salt Intake Behavior and Environmental Factors 95-97B1 Miyuki Adachi Kagawa Nutrition University
95-97B2 Hiroshi Kashiwazaki University of Tokyo
95-97B3 Sumio Imada Hiroshima Shudo University
95-97B4 Kyoko Hasegawa Kagawa Nutrition University
95-97B5 Yoriko Harigai Kochi University
1999-2000 Project of Physical Science and Engineering Study on Concentration Concentration of Sea Water 99A1,00A3 Haruhiko Ohya Yokohama National University
99-00A2 Toshiaki Ougizawa Tokyo Institute of Technology
99A3,00A1 Kensaku Mizoguchi Shizuoka University
2000-2002 Project of Medical Science Physiological Roles of Chloride Ion and Their Regulatory Systems 00-02C1 Chiyoko Inagaki Kansai Medical Univ. -
00-02C2 Shinichi Uchida Tokyo Medical Dental University -
00-02C3 Tsuguhisa Ehara Saga Medical School -
00-02C4 Yasunobu Okada Okazaki National Research Institute -
00-02C5 Atsukazu Kuwahara University of Shizuoka -
00-02C6 Yoshi aki Kondo Tohoku University -
2002-2004 Project of Food Science Studies on the Taste of Salt from the View Point of Cookery Science 02-04D1 Hatsue Moritaka Showa Women's University -
02-04D2 Tomoko Ichikawa Otsuma Women's University -
02-04D3 Makoto Tajima Jissen Women's University -
02-04D4 Takao Nagano Ehime University -
02-04D5 Kumi Yoshida Nagoya University -
02-04D6 Midori Kasai Ochanomizu University -
2003-2005 Project of Physical Science and Engineering Project Research on Salt Production Process Characterized by High Productivity 03-05A1 Meguru Kaminoyama Yokohama National University -
03-05A2 Kaoru Onoe Chiba Institute of Technology -
03-05A3 Kenji Shimizu Iwate University -
03-05A4 Ken-ichiro Sotowa Tokushima University -
03-05A5 Hiroshi Takiyama Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology -
03-05A6 Masami Hasegawa Salt Industry Center of Japan -
2003-2005 Project of Salt Genomics Salt Genomics 03-05S1 Iwane Suzuki University of Tsukuba
03-05S2 Hirokazu Kobayashi University of Shizuoka
03-05S3 Toshio Ogihara Osaka University
03-05S4 Keiko Abe University of Tokyo
2004-2006 Project of Medical Science Project Research on Factors That Contribute to the Salt Sensitivity in the Cardio-Vascular System 04-06C1 Genjiro Kimura Nagoya City University -
04-06C2 Akira Nishiyama Kagawa Medical University
04-06C3 Toshiro Fujita University of Tokyo
04-06C4 Naoki Ikegaya Shizuoka University
04-06C5 Naoharu Iwai National Cardiovascular Center
04-06C6 Hironobu Sanada Fukushima Medical University
04-06C7 Hiroyuki Mano Jichi Medical School
2005-2007 Project of Agriculture and Biology Project Research on Halophilic Organisms 05-07B1 Akio Murakami Kobe University
05-07B2 Yusuke Matsuda Kwansei-Gakuin University
05-07B3 Masao Tokunaga Kagoshima University
05-07B4 Takashi Shimomachi Nagasaki University
05-07B5 Masaharu Kitano Kochi University
2006-2008 Project of Food Science Nutritional Studies on Bittern, Especially for Magnesium 06-08D1 Takako Ikeda Showa Women's University
06-08D2 Shuichi Enomoto RIKEN
06-08D3 Mariko Uehara Tokyo University of Agriculture
06-08D4 Michio Komai Tohoku University
06-08D5 Takao Watanabe Miyagi University of Education
2007-2009 Project of Physical Science and Engineering Elucidation of Corrosion Mechanisms and the Development of Corrosion Evaluation Techniques in Salt-Production Environments 07-09A1 Yutaka Watanabe Tohoku University
07-09A2 Akihiro Yabuki Hiroshima University
07-09A3 Hitoshi Yashiro Iwate University
07-09A4 Hiroyuki Inoue Osaka Prefecture University
07-09A5 Hideo Cho Aoyama Gakuin University
07-09A6 Kazuhisa Azumi Hokkaido University
2008-2010 Project of Medical Science Regulatory Mechanism of K+ Transport in the Body 08-10C1 Atsukazu Kuwahara University of Shizuoka
08-10C2 Masayuki Tanemoto Tohoku University Hospital
08-10C3 Katsumasa Kawahara Kitasato University
08-10C4 Hiroaki Satoh Fukushima Medical University
08-10C5 Katsuya Dezaki Jichi Medical University
08-10C6 Susumu Ohya Nagoya City University
Grants for the 20th Anniversary of the Foundation Establishment
Multi-Pronged and Comprehensive Researches Aiming at the Next Ten Years
- Effective Utilization of Seawater and Marine Resources -
08-09S1 Hiroshi Takiyama Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
08-09S2 Teruhiro Takabe Meijo University
08-09S3 Yoshiyuki Mizushina Kobe-Gakuin University
08-09S4 Takumi Misaka University of Tokyo
2009-2011 Project of Agriculture and Biology Effects of Air-Borne or Intentionally-Applied Seawater on Crop Cultivation 09-11B1  Yasuhiro Nakanishi Tokyo University of Agriculture
09-11B2  Kazuhiro Matsumoto Hirosaki University 
09-11B3  Tatsuya Matsumoto Niigata Agricultural Research Institute 
09-11B4  Makoto Shinohara National Agriculture and Food Research Organization 
2011-2013 Project of Physical Science, Engineering  Studies on Bottleneck Problems in the Process Development for Comprehensive Utilization of Seawater 11-13A1 Shigetoshi Ichimura Kanagawa Institute of Technology
11A2 Kaoru Onoe Chiba Institute of Technology
12-13A2 Msakazu Mastumoto Nihon University
11-13A3 Kazuo Murase Chuo University
2011-2013 Project of Food Science Analyzing the Effect of Salts on Regulation of Food-Related Metalloenzymes for Verification of Its Significance in Food Processing and Cooking 11-13D1 Tomiko Asakura University of Tokyo
11-13D2 Tatsuya Maeda University of Tokyo
11-13D3 Etsuro Yoshimura University of Tokyo
2012-2014 Project of Medical Science Calcium-Permeable Channels as Sensors: Their Regulation Mechanisms and Physiological Significance 12-14C1 Makoto Tominaga National Institute of Natural Sciences
12-14C2 Koji Shibasaki Gunma University
12-14C3 Hiroo Takahashi Nara Medical University
12-14C4 Takayuki Nakagawa Kyoto University
2016-2018 Project of Food Science  Multilateral Approaches to Our Appropriate Salt Intakes     16-18D1  Hiroshi Ueno  Ryukoku University 
16-18D2  Motoko Wakabayashi  Nihon University 
16-18D3  Masataka Narukawa  The University of Tokyo 
16-18D4  Tomoko Goto  Miyagi Gakuin Women's University 
16-18D5  Yuki Sato  Tohoku University 
 2017-2019      Project of Physical Science, Engineering      Development of Advanced Recovery Technology of Unused Resources in Concentrated Brine Discharged from Sea Salt Manufacturing Process   Foreword
  Outlook for the Future
17-19A1  Kazuki Akamatsu  Kogakuin University 
17-19A2  Yoshiyuki Shirakawa  Doshisha University 
17-19A3  Masakazu Matsumoto  Nihon University 
17-19A4  Yoshinari Wada  Nihon University 
17-19A5  Toshihiko Hiaki  Nihon University 
2018-2020    Project of Medical Science   Salt Balance and Body Function 18-20C1  Akira Ikari  Gifu Pharmaceutical University 
18-20C2  Akiyuki Taruno  Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine 
18-20C3  Yutaka Kakizoe  Kumamoto University 
18-20C4  Koichi Tamura  Yokohama City University 
18-20C5  Akira Nishiyama  Kagawa University 
2020-2022 Project of Food Science  Studies on the Elucidation of the Mechanisms Involved in Salty Taste Perception Including Odor-Taste Interactions, and Beneficial Usage of Salt in Food Processing for Our Healthy Life  20-22D1  Tomiko Asakura  The University of Tokyo 
20-22D2  Kazumi Osada  Nihon University 
20-22D3  Nobuyuki Sakai  Tohoku University 
20-22D4  Hitoshi Shirakawa  Tohoku University 
20-22D5  Kyoko Ishikawa  Akita Prefectual University 

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